Monday, August 24, 2015

Posted Tuesday Night:

Mumbai got intermittent showers amounting to 9 mms (Vagaries) and 7 mms (Santa Cruz) till Tuesday night. However, the outer townships did better, with Thane receiving 66 mms, Panvel 79 mms (Junaid's measure), Badlapur 65 mms (Abhijit's gauge) and Navi Mumbai getting 44 mms till evening.
Mumbai and outer township Rains are likely to decrease from Wednesday.

In Pakistan, the heat continues to rise, with Nokkundi now touching 46c.

Odisha and parts of A.P. are likely to get heavy showers on Wednesday. Thursday, Heavy rains extend to Chattisgarh.

Kolkata may get a couple of showers. Not much direct effect of Bay Low. 

But, Delhi NCR may see increasing heat, with the day posiibly touching 38c soon.

Mumbai Lakes Levels and Water Position on Mumbai Page..

Posted Monday Night:

Probability: Conducive winds may allow an An upper air trough at 500 hp levels may temporarily form off and around Mumbai coast on Tuesday.This may bring some heavy showers in Mumbai, and may precipitate around 15-20 mms on Tuesday. Vortex may fizzle out in 24 hrs.

Mumbai rainfall in August this year is extremely low like July....So far Colaba 101 mms (Driest August was in 1943 with 83.3 mms)...and for Santa Cruz this year rainfall measured is 107 mms ( Driest August was in 1972 with 108.6 mms).
Total till Monday: Colaba 1248 mms and Santa Cruz 1572 mms.

Delhi NCR got regular showers on Saturday and Heavier in parts on Sunday. Ayanagar measured 111 mms, Palam 68 mms and S'Jung 56mms and Gurgaon 49 mm still Monday morning.
Kolkata too received the weekend showers. DumDum 47 mms and Alipore 2 mms !
As anticipated, rains decreased in Hyderabad from Sunday.

As expected , days have become hotter in Balochistan (Pakistan), with Nokkundi showing 45c and Dalbandin 44c...

A Low can form in the Bay off the Odisha Coast by 26th. 
Heavy rains likely in Odisha and Northern A.P. Wednesday 26th.

Seasonal Rainfall (in mm) from 1 June To 24 August 2015..on Current Weather Page...with Mah/Guj/M.P. Detailed Map..


NilaY Wankawala said...

Never seen mumbai such dry even if I recollect my childhood memories such season I don't recollect at all. Swm 2015 has been making records in Maharashtra for running dry making dry state :-)

Rajesh said...

Showers at last in Mumbai...something better than nothing...11 mms at colaba and 12 mms at vagaries till 8.30 am Tuesday. Showers lashing now at 11 am Tuesday..

sset said...

Vagaries is only site to predict heavy mumbai rains yesterday. Yes indeed heavy rains in Navi Mumbai since morning. Typical Mumbai august weather - dark,cold,rainy - intermittent heavy fact for Janamasthami this is correct auspicious weather !!!

Unknown said...

Its raining heavily in nagothane(roha) region since tuesday morning.This type of rains seems satisfactory.according to be the precipitation must be more than 50 mm .now also its raining heavily at 4:15 pm.what are your september views for mumbai and pen ,roha regions or in coming days?

Anand said...

will this upcoming low effect kolkata in form of heavy rains....or just moderate rain

Rajesh said...

sset: Thanks for ackowledging the forecast...Navi Mumbai measured 44 mms till 5.30 pm Tuesday with a day's high at 27c.
Panvel had 79 mms and Thane 66 mms..

anand : will put up Kolkata rainfall estimate tonight

Evewrest said...

So the IMD forecast of a deficit of 12% is looking much more realistic.

Skymet's forecast of a surplus of 2% is rather optimistic. The remaining 5 weeks of the season would need more than 40% higher rainfall than the normal to achieve that figure.

The only saving grace might be the excess rain we had in the pre-monsoon season which has limited the country-wide YTD deficit to 3% as of now.

Abhijit Modak said...

BMC imposes 20% water cut across Mumbai from midnight due to poor rainfall this year till now !

  4th October  The subtropical ridge continues to extend further east from the Arabian peninsula towards most parts of North west and west c...