Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Heavy showers lash Vidharbh & M.P....Nagpur records 74 mms in 24 hrs ended 8.30 am (Thursday) and another 49 mms in 3 hrs after that on Thursday. Overcast as on Thursday noon at 24c.

Chandrapur measured 67 mms, Brahmapuri 60 mms,Akola 25 mms as on Thursday morning.

In M.P, Ujjain records 45 mms and Jagadalppur ( South Chattisgarh) 47 mms.

Posted Wednesday Night:
Mumbai: Thursday will cloudy with periods of passing showers. Heavy parts of city. Around 15-20 mms of rain.

BB-4 is now as a Low positioned about 200 kms West of Bhubaneshwar. The Low will move Westwards on Thursday, and possibly, then track as a trough NW and merge in axis.The main convective region is the Southern and SW region of the Low region.
Heavy rains now likely on Thursday in Madhya Pradesh, South Chattisgarh, Vidharbha.
Hyderabad will be cloudy with a few showers.

BB-4 has a rough "conical" shaped low belt. It was off Odisha/North A.P. coast and has moved Westwards.  As a result, what we expected, several places in Telengana got heavy rains...amongst them( In mms)
MANTHANI            110.2 mms
RUDRUR(A)            104.0
KOTGIRI                    90.0
BEJJANKI            75.8
VARNI                    75.8
BIRKOOR            75.4
JUKKAL                   75.4
ASIFABAD            72.6

Several places in A.P. also recieved heavy rains. Vizag got 101 mms in 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm Wednesday.
Other places are:
PUSAPATIREGA                 115.2 mms
CHEEPURUPALLE                   97.8  mms
DENKADA                           88.4  mms
PEDDAPURAM                  85.0  mms
PEDDAPURAM(A)                   76.0  mms
GARIVIDI                                  74.2 mms

Seasonal Rainfall (in mm) from 1 June To 12 August 2015 
Region                                 Actual                                  Normal                                  % Departure  

All India                                 511.6                               562.3                                          -9% 
East & Northeast India         815.1                              925.7                                         -12% 
Northwest India                    390.6                               381.8                                         +2% 
Central India                        566.8                                619.5                                         -8% 
South Peninsula                    360.1                               451.9                                         -20%

Posted Tuesday Night:

Low (BB-4) forms off the Odisha Coast...

Showers expected in Telengana and adjoining Marathwada on Tuesday Night and Wednesday...Hyderabad can get showers intermittently in the day. Heavy rain in around the vicinity expected.

Thunder showers continue in Delhi NCR on Wednesday. NCR will get around 20 -25 mms average on Wednesday.

Mumbai forecast was given till Wednesday...onwards estimate for weekend will be up tomorrow. 
Roha and vicinity  will continue to get the sporadic showers (around 20 mms) on Wednesday. Further estimate for Thursday (which can show more rains) will be put up on Thursday.

In M.P, Bhopal received 66 mms in 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm IST on Tuesday. In Vidharbh, Chandrapur and Wardha both measured 21 mms and Nagpur 17 mms in the same period.


Rajesh said...

Anand: Seeing a isolated thunder shower in parts of Kolkata on Wednesday and Thursday..

svt: Galle ...i am not an expert in that region forecast..but, i judge a few showers (passing type) next 5 days. But rain around 7-10 mms in 24 hrs, so showers may not persist. But days are very humid at 31c.

Jivata: Almost dry for Saurahtra as mentioned till Wednesday..but will put up next few days estimate on Thursday.

vikas hunk gay said...

is there any chance of heavy rain in Indore and Ujjain in west MP???/

vikas hunk gay said...

Will Indore and Ujjain get heavy rain in coming 14th and 15th august/??/

Unknown said...

Sir,any chance of rain in saurashtra?

Dattaraj said...

As mentioned by Rajesh sir, Hyderabad got some showers in last two days. I was expecting BB4 to bring heavy showers to Hyderabad. But it skirted Hyderabad and helped northern part Telangana to get heavy rains.

sset said...

very good rains for Vidarbha... hope bloggers are happy now.... Rains continue to elude southern india.... (much to annoyance of some of the bloggers (.))

sset said...

Joshi "some showers" in Hyderabad is of no use.. My relatives in Hyderabad are getting drinking water only one in 15 days.... entire AP has parched..even if u leave drought stricken Rayalseema.. central AP/Telangana require direct low to pierce them rather than sympathy low from Orissa to brush northmost AP and runoff to MAHA/MP... I remember AP had terrible droughts in 97,98,99,2000... strange facts are AP witnesses some of highest temperatures in country with highest probability of droughts at par with TN.

Dattaraj said...

sset, I agree in current situation "some showers" is of no use. But something is better than nothing. Current low BB4 has provided heavy rains only to northern Telangaana. Generally few lows from BOB passes through Coastal AP, Telangana, Marathawada, Madhya Maharashtra and Konkan every year. But this situation is totally missing this year. Most part of undivided AP depend on rivers like Tungabhadra, Krishna and Godavari. Even if rains fails here these rivers fills up the dam thanks to plenty of rains in western ghats. But this year rains are very less in western ghats (specially Mahabaleshwar area) too.

Between, it looks like BB4 is now moved to western MP, favorite area of 2015 monsoon.

Abhijit Modak said...

@ SSET. I know to whom you are pointing !! Indeed Vidarbha rain is good as after dry July.. It is helping filling of dams in Vidarbha and farmer of that belt are happy with good August performance..

But still drought looms over Marathawada, central Maharashtra & even in Konkan which most surprising factor !! Konkan deficient increases to -30% which is horrible situation for Maharashtra as major dam filling depends on it like of Pune, Nashik & Kolhapur belt. Also Konkan tops in deficit in whole west coast as it has surpass Kerala deficit !! Kerala deficit stands at -29% & Coastal Karnataka having -24% deficit !!

So expect Vidarbha rest of Maharashtra also having grim situation !!

Unknown said...

@sset, rather than questioning joshi that some showers are of no use, why dont you take some action to bring rain to Hyderabad and south. You seem to be expressing distance sympathy from the comfort of Navi Mumbai. You must consider to move to South India to express more solidarity rather than a perpetual yarn on a distant forum. Else please take some immediate steps to initiate rain there and do not blame Rajesh and other bloggers here !!!

Rajesh said...

"Unknown": Please, all comments are welcome...But please put your name. Generally all comments here must be with name. Thanks.

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