Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Last 5 days Rainfall amounts of the 2 Kings...Mawsynram and Cherrapunji:

19th August: Mawsynram  745 mms  Cherra 472 mms            

18th Maw    526 mms      Cherra    313 mms
17th  Maw   198 mms      Cherra   162 mms  
16th  Maw   409 mms      Cherra   195 mms
15th  Maw   N.A.             Cherra    191

Seasonal Total from 1st June - 19th August 2015:

Cherrapunji = 7263 mms (+818):     (From 1st January: 9010 mms)       
Mawsynram (1st June-19th Aug) = 8380  mms      

Western Ghats (1 Jun - 19 Aug 2015) : 

Hullikal       4604 mms
Mastikatte  4460 mms
Agumbe     4262 mms 
Talacauvery (Kar) ..4207 mms (till 17 Aug 2015)
Lamaj (Maha) ..      3997 mms 
Shirgaon (Maha) .. 3931 mms 
Mulshi (Maha) ..     3701 mms 
Mahableshwar       3155 (-1263)

(Thanks Rohit and Pradeep for your inputs of Mah and Kar. Table below compiled by Rohit).


sset said...

Thanks Rohit for NE rain figures but GUJ / RAJ are also no less...Seems 2 extreme ends NE and NW are having competition. JUN / JUL GUJ received rains in tune of 700mm - 600mm - 400mm multiple days, RAJ too received rains 400-500mm multiple days. AUG NE states took away the prize as you have given the figures. Such extreme 24hrs rains are completely absent in southern India.

sset said...

Actually highest and lowest figures for each district are highly skewed..on glace rains look bountiful....Satara 3992 must be Mahabaleshwar and Mumbai managed to cross 1600mm on an average

sset said...

world drought picture....

Ironically (as per big picture) India escaped from hands of EL-NINO drought but in realty for 60% of country wait for rains still continue.....

BB 18 A Low expected near the Andaman Islands by  Monday 5th. System can strengthen to a depression or cyclone over the Bay of Bengal before...