Sunday, May 19, 2024

19th May ..

South West Monsoon season has commenced for India..👇

Monsoon moves into South Andaman Islands...

Kerala Expected to get heavy Pre Monsoon rains in the coming week..20th onwards.

On 19th May:

Hottest in Maharashtra was Jalgaon at 44.2c.

Hottest 10 in India 

Hottest In Pakistan was Jacobabad at 47.0c

Next few days  will be partly cloudy, hot and sultry at 35/36c with very warm nights at 27/28c.
Pre monsoon thundershowers in first week of June.

Pune: Next few days ..Hot, with the local thundershower in the afternoon bringing relief from the days high of 38/39c.

Marathwada:Sambhajingar (Aurangabad): Hot with temperatures at 41/42c. Dry. Pre Monsoon showers in 1st week of June

मराठवाडा: संभाजिंगर (औरंगाबाद):
४१/४२ अंश तापमानासह उष्ण. कोरडे. जूनच्या पहिल्या आठवड्यात मान्सूनपूर्व पाऊस.

Gujarat: Hot and dry, with days in te 42/44c range..

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