Tuesday, February 13, 2024

 13th Evening Posting:

Overall March 

Max Temperature Estimate (IITM)👇 Above Normal

March Rainfall Estimate (IITM) : 👇



Currently temperatures at 32c - 17c.

Expected:14th - 19th : Slight warming in the coming days with days around 34/35c,- 20c

19th - 21st: Drop 30c - 18c

Interior towns ( Panvel, Karjat, Navi Mumbai, Badlapur) may touch 38 or more next few days.

Pune :

Current Temperatures : 34c - 12c

14th - 19thSlightly warmer nights: 33c- 14c 

19th - 21st: Better at 31c - 12c.


Partly cloudy weather in Kutch on 14th. Very light drizzles on South Gujarat. 

Dry and  getting warmer.

Bharuch: Getting warmer during the week, as temperatures rise to 33/34c.


Climate Change and Warning Models and Observations... Worth thinking over on the facts..on " Climatology Data Page " of this Blog.

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