Monday, February 12, 2024

12th February 2024:

East M.P. & Vidarbha rainfall Today 

Strong W.D Effect in Middle East:

12th Satellite Image👇

Rain in UAE: Hail in Abu Dhabi, heavy rain, thunder, and lightning in parts of Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah

Rainfall last 24 hrs:


1Dubai International Airport (United Arab Emirates)41.0 mm

2Sharjah International Airport (United Arab Emirates)28.2 mm

1Sohar Majis (Oman) 76.8 mm76.8 mm
2Buraimi (Oman) 61.4 mm61.4 mm
3Marmul (Oman) 55.0 mm55.0 mm
4Sunaynah (Oman)21.8 mm
5Al Amerat (Oman)21.4 mm
6Sur (Oman)19.0 mm
7Nizwa (Oman)17.2 mm
8Qumaira (Oman)12.2 mm
9Seeb, International Airport (Oman)11.0 mm
10Jabal Shams (Oman)7.4 mm

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