Thursday, February 29, 2024

29th February..
Fairly Strong Western Disturbance approaching North/North Western India

Effect in Northern Hills will be with heavy rain/snow 1st - 3rd March. Moisture flow will be strong from the Arabian sea

Forecast of 2nd March👇

Northern Plains( Punjab, Haryana,, Delhi,  Rajasthan, West U.P, ) to be affected with widespread rains/hails from 1st --3rd March

What about Mumbai..?

Rollercoaster temperatures in February ! Highs of 37.5c to 15c...Hotter than Normal..then few days of cooler weather.

To begin with in March, :From 1st March, Mumbai will again see a slight drop in temperatures. A fall of 5c from 37c to 31/32c in the daytime. A fall of 4c from 23c to 18/19c in the night. A "pleasant" Weather scenario (by Mumbai Standards)

Improving Air Quality levels.


Been very warm at 35c, will also see a nominal drop...Days around 32/33c and better nights at 15c 

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