Thursday, October 05, 2023

Posted 5th October 

Vagaries' calculated date ..5th October..

Monsoon over in Mumbai...

Monsoon rains have withdrawn with such dry conditions from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. 👇

Chart compiled by Vag. Gokul

The low pressure system over West Bengal will also weaken and rain will gradually stop in the next 48 hours. Large parts of India will get drier in the next one week.

Nights getting cooler in Interior Maharashtra..On  5th morning  Sambhajinagar recorded 18.6°,  Jalgaon 19.0° and Pune 19.3°.

 Dry air intrusion brought by eastward extending subtropical ridge at mid levels lead to clear skies and LW radiation emission resulting in temp. drop.

Rajasthan also starts getting cooler with Sikar recording 14.5°.

Credit to Vag. Gokul for contributing. 

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