Sunday, October 15, 2023

Posted 16th Afternoon...Mentioned W.D.Cloud Height..50000 feet !

Posted 15th Night:

The formation, the initial nascent stage, of a new Low  (AS 4) has formed in the Arabian Sea...

IMD Reference to The development :
now, to monitor its track and intensity....SST review

Mumbai: Next Week...16th ~20th...Humid, hazy, hot at 34/35c, and partly cloudy. Light drizzles possible in some patchy regions. Maybe nights getting a bit better after 2 days (Nights).

Pune: Hot at 34c and partly cloudy. Light drizzles in some areas.

Goa: Some Thunder showers on 16th/17th, due to the development clouds shown in image.

W.D. moving West into Northern India plains and Hills. good rainfall expected in hills with snow. Plains of Punjab, Haryana, West U.P, Rajasthan and North M.P. will get showers, bringing a fall in temperatures.

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