Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Some rainfall figures in Mumbai Metro Region and nearby areas from 8:30am-8:30pm(12hrs) on 09/06/2021 are as follows:-


2.Chembur Naka:244mms


4.Vile Parle:228mms

5.Milan Subway:226mms

6.Santacruz IMD:222mms






12.Dadar West(Pvt Vagarian Reading):185mms


14.Ram Mandir:180mms






20.Kandivali West:128mms

21.Colaba IMD:51mms

Data compiled by: Vagarian Abhishek Apte

Posted 9th June...Updated at 3.15 pm IST

Heavy rains for Mumbai today.. Thunder showers to lash today.. Crossing 150 mms Or more. 

Lesser frequency on 10th..only to increase from 11th, 

Monsoon keeps date with Mumbai..

Advances into Mumbai on 9th..also respected Vagaries date estimate. 

Wind Chart below...the rain figures ↓↓

Some rainfall figures in Mumbai Metro Region and nearby regions from 8:30am-8:30am(24hrs) on 09/06/2021 are as follows:-



3.Worli:105mms 4.Malvani:104mms

5.Lok gram, Mankhurd:102mms 6.Breach Candy:100mms

7.Mumbra:97mms 8.Dahisar:95mms

9.Thane(Traffic Park), Diva:93mms 10.Kandivali West:93mms

11.Borivali West, Byculla:91mms 12.Bhandup:82mms

13.Dadar West(Vagarian Pvt Reading):81mms

14.GTB Railway Station:78mms 15.Colaba IMD:77mms

16.Mohane, Ram Mandir:75mms 17.Juhu:71mms

18.Bandra:70mms 19.Andheri:63mms

20.Santacruz IMD:60mms 21.Matheran:39mms


sset said...

Highly likely Belapur navi mumbai crossed 200mm... torrential non stop.. hills water falls already full flow + apart from recent extreme taukate cyclone. Looks like june itself reservoirs will be full,
Looks like SWM entered MAHA before KERALA.... warming AS with rogue cyclones what all it can do,,, changing whole climate pattern. No heat wave only extreme monsoon rains wave
I think in another day or 2 vortex will form over AS - MAHA/GUJ will enter into 400mm per day category.

Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir ,Nagothane also getting heavy rains since y'day evening. Please keep on posting updates w.r.t nagothane -roha too.

Unknown said...

Just wanted one help. Is there any website to check rainfall data in Mumbai over last 3, 6, 12 hours ? Used to be available on BMC site earlier but not anymore it seems.


sset said...

Strange fact over last few years- monsoon axis is quickly moving up towards MAHA GUJ Central India. North Bay lows are forming too early. First spells of rains over Mumbai itself is extreme rains. This is leaving southern India dry in fact SWM monsoon onset is seeing hardly any heavy rains over coastal KAR, KER....
Looks like June 15th itself Mumbai will complete its average rains. Every spell of Mumbai rain is now becoming extreme - 200-400mm.
Many years back onset of SWM over Mumbai used to be gentle gradual increase in extreme spells but now May month starts with cyclones giving 300-400mm, June starts with extreme spells giving 200-300mm ... 5 months to go with cold winds and torrential rains.

Rajesh said...

Suresh: You can get the 3/6/12 hrs rain from the BMC site or from the BMC link on the RMC Mumbai page.

Rajesh said...

Abhizer: Sure will try..started with Roha

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