Monday, June 14, 2021

Posted 14th Night-

As explained below, Heavy rainfall in Goa on 14th

Vagarian Atul Naik's PWS at Margao reading for same 12 hrs today 118 mms. 

And for South konkan, Vag. Abhishek compiled these rain amounts

Posted 14th June 1 pm IST:

The system BB4, is now over North Odisha/Jharkhand. expected to move W/NW, but not as a very strong system. 

New Delhi: Now, this will bring the rains upto Delhi in the next 2/3 days. But, the rains decrease in Delhi after the, even with the axis running through the North (as seen in this map), and the rains mellowing down later...Can we announce the Monsoon  ?  Monsoon may advance technically and then weaken.

The axis will remain around Central India after 17th...

Outlook for 14th-16th:

Mumbai: For the next 3 days, Monday 14th thru Wednesday 16th. Warm and Humid...A few occasional showers or periods of rain with clear intervals.  Approximately 20-25 mms/day. A slight increase in rainfall on 17th possible.

Pune: Cloudy skies and humid. Light "Puneri" rains ( light drizzle to moderate rains) in parts of city. Days around 29c and ranging to a low of 22c.

Goa: Heavy rains, around > 250 mms on 14th/15th cumulative. Heavy showers on 16th also.

Heavy Rains in SouthKonkan, Goa and Coastal Karnatak.

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