Wednesday, June 02, 2021

 Posted 2nd June 2 pm

Monsoon skips 1st June date.. Not seen around!

Monsoon has again played truant and the necessary winds and parameters are disturbed, this time by an Low in the Arabian Sea off the

Karnataka/Maharashtra coast, and as it is embedded in the Stronger Northern portion of the off shore trough along West Coast.

Still, Kerala got some marginal rains as on 2nd Morning.

Now, this Low will fizzle out, moving away by 3rd June and allow the Monsoon winds to strengthen . And subsequently, re allot another date, 3rd/4th June to move into Kerala. (As a weaker current).

Monsoon will gather momentum along Karnataka /Goa coast and progress towards Goa by around 8th June.

Mumbai: The system off the Maharashtra Coast has brought the Pre Monsoon showers as mentioned in our earlier Mumbai Forecast. Mumbai will see some thunder showers on 2nd/3rd/4th June. 

Pre Monsoon rain showers will continue till the 11th, before that proper Monsoon is not expected.

Pune: Pre Monsoon Thunder showers will continue till 4th June.

Goa: Showers will continue in Goa till 7th/8th June...Expecting the Monsoon to advance around 8th/9th.

Kolkata: Not expecting Monsoon before 12th June.

Delhi and Haryana: Monsoon expected roughly between 24th/28th June.


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Wednesday early morning thunderstorm.. Target Mumbai


sset said...

Cyclone Tutakae itself was like SWM for MAHA / GUJ - gave 1 month (june) rain in 1 day itself!
Looks like SWM will start over MAHA before KER. Navi Mumbai heavy rains yesterday...

Rawat said...

Bay lows hardly moves to NW India now.They have same route orissa Mp and then Rajasthan pulling monsoon trough south of its normal position.Monsoon season has become just sulty humid weather. Will this year be different for Delhi/Haryana?

  Posted 13th Night: Outlook for Sunday 14th to Wednesday 17th: An off shore trough along the West Coast is expected to bring good rainfall ...