Monday, October 05, 2020

Posted 5th October afternoon:

Weather for Marathwada: This week Monday 5th -Friday 9th will be sunny and very light rains in some parts. Almost dry. Some rain could be expected on Saturday 10th..but will inform the latest.

South West Monsoon Withdrawal:

The Monsoon  withdrawal in Interior Maharashtra will linger till 10th..\

A Low pressure (BB-10) is expected to form in the Bay around approximately 90E and 17N...and Move towards Odisha Coast.

Mumbai & Pune : Monday 5th thru Thursday 8th will be sunny with few sporadic light rains in some parts. Almost no meaningful rains. 

Mumbai Lakes;

  • 98.98%
    Combined live storage across all lakes compared to 99.04% same time last year. 1,432,661 million litres - Live storage as at 6 am 30 Sep 2020. [Annual requirement: 1,447,363 million litres, Total capacity: 1,778,000 million litres]
  • 12 Months
    Number of days of supply left in all lakes combined (@ 3,800 million litres BMC supplies to city each day).

Light to moderate showers expected to continue in Goa this week.

This week no rains expected in Saurashtra and South Gujarat as the Monsoon withdrawal starts.

Kolkata can expect one or two spells of rain showers, maybe with thunder during the coming week till 10th October. We will monitor the progress of BB-10 and keep blog  informed about the Monsoon withdrawal, which is expected by next week.


sset said...

NEM pre-monsoon season and low moving towards Orissa is not good.
We require systems to move towards SE India - specially TN (NEM is its lifeline)

sset said...

Great work by GSB ! But still raining in Mumbai - rainiest city of India !
As predicted by vagaries saturday / sunday thunders appeared promptly over Mumbai

Horizon Direct Depot LLC said...
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