Tuesday, October 27, 2020

 Posted 27th October 

Himachal: First snowfall of the season in the residential areas of Lahaul, mercury minus one degree in Keylong

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From vagaries old archives.. 26 oct 1968..Pune 9c  


sset said...

But this spells disaster for NEM....always extended SWM spells disaster for NEM onset.

sanjeev Gokhale said...

Sir After monsoon how will be climate near Mumbai and suburbs?
Are you expecting Heat wave like we experience in October?

Rajesh said...

Sanjeev: Mumbai will now see a rise in day temperatures to 35-37c at Scruz till around 7th November. Nights will show a slight fall to 22-23c. Humidity will be much lower. The cooler climate will be effective after 7th November..Mumbai type.

sanjeev Gokhale said...

Thank you sir for your prompt reply.

  30th May..2023..South West Monsoon establishing over S.Andamans 30th Winds Charts👇