Sunday, September 27, 2020

Posted Sunday 27th Afternoon:

The South West Monsoon withdrawal has started with the formation of an Anticyclone at 850 hpa levels.

As the withdrawal continues towards Kutch and rest of Rajasthan, Delhi, J&K, Ladakh, H.P. and Haryana, during the week from 28th Sept-2nd Oct, the anticyclone starts extending around the Kutch region.

Saurashtra and Gujarat withdrawal after 3rd October. 

This will bring North/North-West winds upto 850 hpa levels in central peninsula and Maharashtra, creating a temporary period during the week of sporadic scattered rains.

With the wind and pressure gradient changing, the western Ghats region and western Maharashtra will start getting the retreating thundershowers from Saturday 3rd October.

Weather for Marathwada: Very little rains for the next 4 days in the region. Day temperatures will start to rise. Monsoon retreating(Parti)showers /Thundershowers from 3rd October.

Aurangabad/Jalgaon: Very light rainfall during week from Monday -Thursday. Thundershowers on Friday 2nd/Saturday/Sunday

Mumbai: Monday 28th thru -Thursday 1st Oct will be hot and sunny. A few sporadic showers in some parts. The retreating thundershowers will be starting from Saturday 3rd/Sunday 4th.

Pune: Partly cloudy with light rains. Thundershowers from the weekend.

Goa: Reduction and decreased rainfall in Goa from now. The week will see no meaningful rain readings.

Delhi: Monsoon Withdrawal in a few days (as explained above) , dry weather with days warming up to 38/39c.

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