Tuesday, September 22, 2020

 Mumbai: Heavy rains for Mumbai from Tuesday 22nd Evening/Night..And increase in rains on Wednesday 23rd rains with increased frequency...>100 mms expected ...Rainy Day....Posted 22nd afternoon. 

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sset said...

Massive torrential rains over Mumbai 300-200mm widespread - 3 times vagaries forecast. Deep vortex in place.


Mumbai MAHA can again expect 300mm rain total 500mm in 2 days! Intense deep vortex in place.
Normal NEM is good news hope useless Orissa WB NE states Burma cyclone express will not lead to drought over TN/SAP.

GUJ to ignite soon will this lead to stoppage of SWM withdrawal like 2013 sept ?

Vinod Desai said...

Yes Sir, it was very heavy spell till early morning..now here it is not raining in malad (western suburb)..how will the day look like..

Srivathsa said...

Massive rainfall in SCZ - 286 mm and Colaba - 148mm as reported by IMD. Annual rainfall for SCZ monsoon season is now 3571 mm. Is this an all time record?

Rajesh said...

Vagaries mentioned "More Than" 100 mms...SSET
Srivastha: plese check record in Vagaries Extremes Blog

Vinod: rains will continue till evening..reducing then by night.

sset said...

Such rains will only result in delay for NEM - drought for SE India SAP/TN - TN temperatures soaring. After this we may have series of useless systems for Orissa, WB, NE states, Burma..
Another system Mumbai may reach 4000mm !

Big rainfall numbers from core monsoon zone in the past 24 hrs.  Porbandar,Guj   49 cm  Eluru, AP   27 cm        Castle Rock  24 cm   Compil...