Monday, September 21, 2020

 Posted 21st Afternoon:

Water Vapour has reduced in Punjab and West Rajasthan..withdrawal seems possible in 3 days (As west Rajasthan recorded some rain on 20th...Bikaner 3 cms,, Osian 2 cms, Jodhpur 1 cm).

Mumbai: 21st and 22nd will be partly sunny with few passing showers in some areas. Rains may increase on Wednesday 23rd with occasional showers....

Pune: Intensity of rain frequency reducing from 22nd.

Goa: Intensity of rainfall to reduce from 22nd...still occasional showers continue.

Sporadic thundershowers possible in Jabalpur region next 3 days. Total rain crosses the 1000 mms mark for this season.

Delhi": Sporadic light to medium showers on 22nd/23rd...Getting dry and hot after 24th.

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Vinod said...

Good compilation of data, thankyou

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