Monday, September 14, 2020

 Posted Monday  14th afternoon. 

Low pressure off the Andhra Coast expected to track W/NW. Heavy rains expected in Vidharbh, Marathwada and Telengana.

Depending on the  further  track,  the withdrawal of the  S. W. Monsoon in West Rajasthan  is now delayed. 

Weather for Farmers in Aurangabad...rains expeceted to be heavy in Aurangabad District for the next 3/4 days. 15 - 30 millimeters  expected per day. Proper draining arrangement to be made to drain out the waters. 

Mumbai...Monsoon not yet over..Next 3/4 days will be partly sunny with  passing showers. A slight  increase in rainfall  on Wednesday 16th.

Pune..A few showers and cloudy for the next two days. 3/4days... slight possibility of increasing rain on Wednesday 16th.

Lonavla.. cloudy with  moderate rains..increase in heavy  rains expected on Wednesday. 

Goa..cloudy with moderate occasional shower. Around 15-25 mms per day .

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