Saturday, February 22, 2020

Posted 22nd Saturday evening :

The outlook for the period 23rd - 26 Feb formation of High Pressure in the Bay will bring SE Winds into the Eastern States in the 850 level. Interaction with low level Westerly winds will bring rains to East U. P., Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Odisha and W. Bengal from Sunday thru Wednesday.
Kolkata will have rains on Tuesday and Wednesday 25th and 26th. Days will get to 25/26c

A WD, F-4,will approach NW and North India from 27th. Trough expected to Fall South till Central India.

Outlook from 23rd Feb - 26th Feb
Mumbai: Days and night continue in the current range, with the nights going slightly warmer to 22c.
Marginal relief of 2/3 c after 27th.

Pune : warm days and comparatively warm nights as per normal for this time. Temperatures can show a fall to more comfortable levels, by about 3c from 27th onwards.
Thane remains hot at 35/36c,while the stations in the interiors East of Mumbai like Badlapur, Panvel,Karjat will be hot at 37/39c.

Mahableshwar will be warm at 28/30c with night getting just about pleasant. Cooling down from 27th.

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