Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Mumbai Region in North Konkan witnessed Bone Dry Weather today

Mumbai Santacruz recorded max temp of 37.4°C with just 13% humidity today! Which is above normal by 5°C! 

It's very dry weather as per coastal city norms and has behaved as if like interior place of Maharashtra.

But dry & hot weather is common in Feb-Mar for West coast due to Easterlies prevailing... meaning land breeze blowing cut offs the sea breeze as late till 2pm !

Dahanu in Palghar dist by the sea reported just 6% hum at 11.30 am today.. Meaning Dew point falling to minus -9.8c !!!

Some rest of Mumbai regions max temp in N. Konkan division for 25-2-2020!

Sewri 34.9°C with 20% humidity
Colaba 35°C (Above normal by 4C)
CSMT 35.4°C with 20%
Badlapur 35.7°C with 23%
Palghar 35.9°C with 15%
Mumbra 36.3°C with 7%
Juhu 36.5°C with 13%
IIT Powai 36.8°C with 19%
Thane 37°C with just 5% humidity!
Karjat 38.5°C with 19%

1 comment:

sset said...

Make hay while sun shines !
Behind few days of warm hot weather for Mumbai/Maharashtra will be torrential ferocious rains in few months - 2019 Maha become world wettest place exceeding 10000mm rain!
Once Mumbai rains starts (june-dec) yes now it is extended we all pray when sun will come out!

It is always normal Mumbai driest period will be few days during last week of feb - 2nd week of march.

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