Monday, February 17, 2020

Posted 17th Monday Night:
graph courtesy Shri Hosalikar

Sooner than expected, on Monday 17th itself the hot temperatures showed up as per our estimate...Hot in the North Konkan and Interiors...

Mumbai Scruz 38.1c (+ 7.6c),  ...Hottest place  in India today ! (AWS taken separate)
 No record for February though...Highest record for February in Scruz was 39.6c in 1966.
Colaba 34.7c (+5.3c),
Juhu 36c.

Around Mumbai:
Karjat  40c...IMD AWS...The possibility we had foreseen.
Thane 38.7c...TMC AWS 
Badlapur  38.6c...Pvt Vagarian's Reading
Mumbra 38.1c....TMC AWS
Bhayandar 37.5c....IMD AWS
Palgar 37.3c....IMD AWS
Talegaon 36.3c   IMD  AWS
Above Data compiled by Vagarian Abhijit.

Rest of the region: Panji 36.5c (+4.9c), Ratnagiri 35.8c (+5.4c), Pune 33.7c.

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