Monday, November 27, 2017

Posted Wednesday Night 29th November:
BB-15 has re -strengthened in the trough, and lies South of Kanyakumari at 6.4N. Currently deepened to depression at 1000 mb...tracking West. 

Posted Monday Night 27th:

BB-15 has emerged in the Arabian Sea as an embedded system in the trough in Maldives area. Likely to dissolve fast without much effect on India.
BB-16 our next expected low is likely to form in the Andaman Sea around 30th November....and this is the system to watch for precipitation along North TN and A.P. coastline later. 

City forecasts for Tuesday 28th/Wednesday 29th/Thursday 30th:

Mumbai:  Sky will be hazy with high around 34c and nights around 19/20c.
Some queries were asked if Mumbai is expecting rains soon....well, no... No rains in the near future.

Chennai: Partly cloudy with light showers in some parts. Not widespread rains. no meaningful rains in North Interior T.N... South may get some light showers in the interior.
Like we mentioned earlier. Watch out for the track of BB-16.....

Kolkata: Clear weather in the range of 29c and 15c.
Delhi NCR: Shallow pre noon fog. Temperature range will be 26c and 9c.

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Narayanan chennai said...

Thanks a lot for update on BB-15 and BB-16 systems. We will wait for your update on BB-16 this weekend on the likely progress once system starts taking shape in Bay of Bengal.
Also, interested know if upcoming western disturbance will have impact on BB-16.

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