Friday, November 10, 2017

Posted Friday 10th November Night:
Weekend 2 days forecast:
Chennai: An extended Easterly Trough will increase rains in Chennai on Saturday and Sunday. Occasional rain showers this weekend, with a few heavy falls will bring good weekend showers.
Approximately around 40 mms/day
Mumbai: Days remaining same as last 2 days, around 34/35c and nights around 21c.
Pune: Clear sunny days around 30c, nights around 15/16c.

Note: A  Western Disturbance will approach the Himalayan regions and plains of North India and Pakistan on 13th/14th. 
An Easterly trough in the Bay with a Low embedded in it next week will increase rains in Southern Peninsula. Rains may creep into South Madhya Maharahtra middle of next week. More of this later.....

See Below:  Highest Seasonal Rainfall Amounts with 3D map.


Unknown said...

Rajesh, just read this. Appreciate your humility. Also am happy that you and the Vagaries team of Rohit, Abhijit and Gurvinder have featured in this article. Congratulations and thanks to all of you for keeping us so well informed of the weather!


sset said...

Thanks Rohit for good stats on monsoon extremes. MAHA definitely shows an increasing wetter trend. Like 2016, 2017 toppers was with 9000mm++. KAR Augumbe remains same decreasing trend 6000mm like 2016 -coastal KAR,KER are failing to reach toppers.
NEM for TN / SAP seems not favorable for interiors - approaching Western Disturbance may impact rains for TN .

Saurabh said...

Congratulations, Rajesh and team.

What ever you may say Rajesh, IMDs forecast is very bad if we factor in the resources they have at their disposal. Most of the time they follow the weather instead of predicting it. A day or two back Punjab had heavy fog so next days forecast was the same. The next day the fog belt had moved to UP and Punjab was clear. At the level of national meteorological organization a lot more is expected. The Mumbai incident referred to in the article is very much a fact. They never got the intensity of the rain right on the day it happened. So schools and colleges were open on the day of the rain and were closed the next day when they could have remained open.

Rajesh said...

Thanks Saurabh and Suresh and all on the Social Media.
Vagaries is not an individual effort, but a joint effort and combined interest in the weather. Though started solely, it is now a big family as is seen on the social media with so many compliments and well wishers.
Thaks to all Vagarians for what it is today !
Yes Saurabh, even the fog was predicted in Vagaries on the 5th , 2 days before, and have mentioned it reducing for the weekend.

Vijith Menon said...

Rajesh Sir for IMD Director role

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