Friday, November 24, 2017

Posted 24th November Night:

Low pressure BB-15  is now currently located East off Sri Lanka Coast. Likely to move Westwards very slowly next 2 days. Possibility of re-emerging in the Arabian Sea around 27th/28th. Could gain strength again...Will keep this post updated on BB-15 , if converting to AS-1 !

Chennai: BB-15 shows results in Chennai: Rainfall likely to show increment from Saturday evening. Sunday will see occasional showers, some accompanied by thunder. Rains will be intermittent on Monday also. Decreasing after Tuesday...and then waiting for BB-16.

Another system, BB-16, is likely to form in the SE Bay around 29th. This system shows potential of good development and strengthening, as it tracks NW...

Mumbai: Friday and Saturday will be constant in the day at around 31/32c, with pleasant nights at around 17/18c (Scruz). Sunday will turn cloudy with change in night temperatures (rising).

Pune: Warm days on Friday/Saturday. Cloudy Sunday.

Temperatures showing  a gradual fall in North..
North India Minimums from Ankit Patel.....24th November
1 Srinagar (J & K) -3.1 °C
2 Qazi Gund(J & K) -2.2 °C
3 Manali (HP) -0.8 °C
4 Bhuntar(HP) 0.6 °C
5 Sundernagar (HP) 1.3 °C
6 Mount Abu(RJ) 2.4 °C
7 Banihal (J &K) 3.1 °C
8 Sikar (RJ) 3.5 °C
9 Mukteshwar Kumaon (Uttrakhand) 4.3 °C
10 Bhilwara(RJ) 4.5 °C
11 Churu (RJ) 4.5 °C
12 Una (HP) 4.8 °C
13 Pantnagar (Uttrakhand) 5.5 °C
14 Alwar (RJ) 6.0 °C
15 Chittorgarh(RJ) 6.0 °C
16 Narnaul(Haryana) 6.0 °C
17 Umaria () 6.0 °C
18 Hissar (Haryana) 6.1 °C
19 Ganganagar (RJ) 6.2 °C
20 Rohtak (Haryana) 6.2 ° C


Unknown said...

Thanks for the post.
Please tell if it has potential to give good rain for interiors(Erode, Nilgiris) of Tn.
My village yet to receive rainfall since starting of monsoon.

Narayanan chennai said...

Thanks a lot for your prediction on BB 15. @chennai Weather has turned quite cloudy and windy. No rains yet however big mass of clouds east of chennai may be will move in later.

Cumulus arjun said...

Is the rise due to the WD?i am Not expecting a major rise in night temperatures in Mumbai. Let's see.

Cumulus arjun said...

Oh sorry now read the whole post, looks like it's BB-15 moving over Arabian Sea contributing to the rise of night temperatures from Sunday in Mumbai.

Narayanan chennai said...

As predicted predicted chennai did have close to 100mm in south chennai,delta and south tn getting good rains.
It apoears rains will continue in south tn and east srilanka

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