Monday, November 13, 2017

Posted 15th Wednesday Night:
1. BB-14 is now of Depression strength and its latest location centre is 16.5N and Andhra Coast. Likely to track NNE and cross Odisha coast, while maintaining its strength.
Bhubaneshwar recorded 24 mms of rainfall on Wednesday till 8.30 pm IST, with the maximum temperature at 22.2c. Puri measured 42 mms
Kolkata AP recorded 25  mms in the same period with the day's high reaching 23.2c. Alipore recorded 23 mms.

Heavy showers (> 100 mms) expected in Bhubaneshwar on Thursday. 
Heavy rains on Thursday in Kolkata too but decreasing by evening as BB-14 crosses coast.

Mumbai: Mumbai saw a drop in night readings as expected....The winds in the daytime will revert to Easterlies from Saturday in Mumbai. We may expect a rise in day temperatures by 2/3c ( 34/36c) on Saturday and Sunday.
Pune: Pleasant winds in the daytime in Pune on Saturday and Sunday will keep the day below 30c in Pune.

It has snowed in the middle reaches of Kashmir on Tuesday. Srinagar had rains after a long dry spell, with the max temperature on Monday at 11c. Leh recorded a low of -6.3c on Monday.

Posted 13th Monday Night:

1. The embedded Low in the Easterly trough we discussed about last post, is now a well marked Low ( BB-14) at 15N and 84.1E. Likely to deepen to some extent and track towards the Odisha coast. Could cross there as a depression around 16th November.
Decrease in rains in Chennai after Tuesday 15th. But, very heavy rains in Bhubaneshwar on Wednesday (100 mms in 24 hrs) and Thursday.
Occasional heavy showers for Kolkata on Wednesday ( 50-60mms) and Thursday. Cold days at around 23/24c.

2. The Western Disturbance is is advancing over Northern Pakistan and into Northern India. Rains/snow will precipitate in Kashmir. Light showers in Punjab on Wednesday.

3. Night temperatures will drop by 2/3c ( 17-19c) from current levels in Mumbai next 2/3 nights.


sset said...

Orissa takes away rains from TN. TN NEM deficiency increases. Many southern districts have rains < 400mm since jan.

Unknown said...

My Erode district had almost mo rain from NEM onset. We feel like it is typical late Feb days.

Rawat said...

Has much awaited WD weakened?

Rajesh said...

Anoop: WD was expected to weaken soon. Anyway , Vagaries was not expecting rains in Delhi NCR from this system.
Prabhakaran: NEM penetration inland this year is not very satisfactory. And now there is a lull in rains as BB-14 has moved away.

sset said...

NEM true it its name is over NE India instead of SE India - similar to 2013... 1 month left unless any system mover inside SE India - 2nd year of drought likely.

Cumulus arjun said...

So nights in Mumbai will continue to remain cool..

Narayanan chennai said...

@SSET Thanks a lot for your concerns for NEM and SE india as always. Coastal TN and Delta has got close to normal monsoon now ..Hopefully interiors and south TN will get its share from upcoming systems in bay as climatologically they favour them.

Rohit Aroskar said...

Srikakulam district ( North Andhra coast ) received heavy rains ..
Kanchili 246 mms, Haripuram 223 mms

Orissa coast received moderate rains..
Chikiti ( Ganjam ) 93 mms , Gop ( Puri ) 92 mms

Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir,to my utter surprise ....its raining in Nagothane since was cloudy since morning...what's the forecast?

VISHWAS said...

Cloudy Morning in Mumbai.

Vinod Desai said...

Yes Its cloudy in Mumbai. As if its going to rain.

Unknown said...

Its Drizzling in Goregaon East and cloudy since morning

VISHWAS said...

Sir what is your forcast for Mumbai.

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