Friday, January 16, 2015

Main Cities of India /Pakistan Temperatures Anomaly for last 30 days( Mid Dec 2014-Mid Jan 2015)...See Current weather Page

Rain Expected in Muscat (Oman) from Monday evening. Thunder likely on Monday Night..and rains and cloudy weather extending into Tuesday 20th. Monday will be around 26c, but Tuesday will be cool with the maximum at 21c. 

Posted Friday 16th Night:

Forecast for Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th:

Dry weather in the Sub Continent. 
Mumbai will be clear and cool. 
Delhi NCR will be cold and with a foggy morning. Day temperatures around 20/21c and nights at 8/9c.
Thunder showers expected on 21st and 22nd. 
Chennai: The pleasant nights warm up a bit with cloudy conditions. Showers expected on 21st.

A brief report on Next Week's Weather systems....More in details on 18th Night.

20th: A WD, J-2, will bring precipitation to Western Pakistan and Coastal Sindh (Including light showers in Karachi).

21st: showers move into Northern regions of Pakistan and India. That is Pak Punjab and Extreme North Pakistan. 
Indian Punjab, North Rajasthan, Kashmir and HP get precipitation.Heavy snows expected in Kashmir and HP. 
Light rain expected in parts of Saurashtra.

22nd: Northern Sub Continent and North MP get rains. 
Cloudy and light drizzles for Mumbai.
More rain for Interior Maharashtra after 25th.


Rajesh said...

MP and Mah rainfall will be east winds inter acting with NW ....normally would expect upper air temps to fall also, due to cold front approach...pushing westerly cold air..

Abhijit Modak said...

Above articles say, 2014 was warmest year on record in history of Humans!

Unknown said...

rajesh sir,will it rain in raigad of konkan. near roha.if then how much

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