Friday, January 09, 2015

Saturday Morning Cold Wave Temperatures in Vadharbh and Marathwada

OSMANABAD ---                                                 07.8(-6.7) 
AURANGABAD              28.0(-1)                         07.9(-3.3)
PARBANI                       28.3(-1)                         09.4(-4.4) 
NANDED                        29.0(-2)                         07.0(-6.0) 

AKOLA ----                                                           08.5(-5.4) 
AMRAOTI                      26.8(-2)                         10.2(-4.4)
BULDHANA                   26.5(0)                          10.0(-4.5) 
BRAMHAPURI                                                    09.9(-2.4) 
CHANDRAPUR                                                  09.6(-4.1) 

NAGPUR                        28.0(0)                         05.3(-7.3) 

Washim                                                              13.0 
WARDHA                        28.0(0)                        08.0(-5.3) 

YEOTMAL                       27.0(-1)                       08.4(-6.7) 

Posted Friday 9th Night:

Forecast for the next 2 days, 10th and 11th January...

No rainfall is expected in the SubContinent. 
Cold conditions with the Night temperatures around 3/4c below normal expected next 2 nights in MP, Vidharbh and marathwada. 
Nagpur may see lows around 7/8c, Akola and Aurangabad around 9c.

Partly light to medium clouds likely in North Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi NCR, and Pak Punjab and Upper Sindh. on saturday and Sunday. As a result, we may see a reduction in foggy nights and a rise in the day temperatures in Punjab. 

Delhi NCR may see around 19c next 2 days. A rise in the minimums by a couple of degrees also is expected.

Mumbai will be sunny and East winds in the day will result in the days getting warmer at 32/33c. Nights will be around 19c at Santa Cruz.
Saturday and sunday morning, Pune may see a low of 7/8c.

Kolkata clear, and temperatures ranging between 26c and 13c.

Next Week 12th -14th:
A WD will bring showers, on 13th to Pak Punjab and Upper Sindh and on the Indian side to Punjab, North Rajasthan and Haryana. Kashmir will get snowfall on 13th ,14th. We may expect heavy snow in the middle reaches (Gulmarg/Pahalgam), and rain/snow in Srinagar on 13th..
Delhi can get a thundery shower on 14th Night.


Prashant Joshi said...

can the WD reach all the way upto kumaon? hopefully there s another round of snowfall.

Abhijit Modak said...

Min temp dips almost every place in Maharashtra today.

Some min temps below:

Nagpur 5.3c
Nashik 5.8c
Pune 7.4c
Aurangabad 7.9c
Akola 8.5c
Solapur 10c
Mumbai Scruz 14.2c

Anonymous said...

Will there'll be another chilly and foggy spell in NW India after this fresh WD fizzles out?

Rajesh said...

Prashant : This WD rains will reach kumaon by 13th night or 14th...rain/snow expected. Will put up more on Monday.

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