Friday, September 12, 2014

Chicago was only 2 F degrees away from breaking a 124-year old record low this morning. Temps. dropped to a chilly 41F!

Rapid City only hit 39 F on Thursday, 39 F degrees below normal. Highs on Friday were a little warmer, 

As the skies clear..Rare September Fog in sent by Arpit on Interactive Page

Record Heat Wave Predicted this Weekend in Southern California..see Below

Sub Continent Outlook for Weekend Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th:

Heavy rainfall likely in Eastern UP and adjoining Bihar and Jharkhand. Heavy rainfall also likely in adjoining plains regions of Nepal.
Rains spreading to West Bengal.
South from this rain region, rains likely in Odisha.

As an anti cyclone is developing in the NW regions of the sub continent, we may see a change in the winds pattern and direction. 
A bout of some scatterd rainfall is possible on Saturday in Central Sindh and Pak punjab.

The SWM may commence its withdrawal fron Sindh and Western Rajasthan around the 16th of this month. Punjab and Haryana withdrawal follows soon.
Day temperatures rise in Sindh from Monday 15th .

Mumbai: Partly cloudy and sunny spells. Warm day around 31c. Passing showers in different parts of city may add up to around 7- 10 mms/day.
Towering cumulus clouds develop by evening.

Pune: Saturday will be part ly cloudy and warm. Sunday may see towering cumulus clouds , with some showers in the outer regions.

New Delhi: Showers in parts of NCR developing on Saturday evening and night. Sunday would be cloudy and expect showers in different parts.

Kolkata: Would expect a slight increase in rains as thunder showers develop in Kolkata on Saturday evening. Sunday may also see some showers.

Bangalore may get a shower or thunder shower in some parts or vicinity on Saturday or Sunday.

Aurangabad: Partly cloudy and warm. Shower possible in some parts of ouetr regions like Phulambri, Khultabad or Verul. Thundery developments likely in the Eastern regions.

Record Heat Wave Predicted this Weekend in Southern California..


Vinod Desai said...

I was thinking the SWM will last till mid of Oct in mumbai as this year it arrived very late..

Rawat said...

A TS may enter into delhi from West

Unknown said...

sindh main aya hi kab hai monsoon jo rha hai hahaha

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