Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Weather Report:....Posted Sunday Night
The SWM had withdrawn from Pakistan and now from West Rajasthan and Kutch. Gradually withdrawing from Punjab and Rajasthan by 23rd. 

The Low from the Bay has almost fizzled out and merged in the axis. The UAC remains over North Bengal and Sikkim.
Cooch Behar in Northern Bengal bordering Sikkim  got very heavy rains of 16 cms on Sunday 21st in 9 hrs till 5.30 pm IST.

A Line of Wind Discontinuity will form in the Southern Peninsula interior region by 23rd. A pulse from the Bay will form a Low in Interior Karnatak around the 23rd.
Rains increase in Interior Karnataka and Maharahtra.

The WD mentioned in Friday's post is on schedule to form around the 25th in Northern Pakistan. 

Mumbai: On and after Wednesday, the rain quantum will increase with thunder showers developing in the Outer Townships.

Posted Saturday Night
Very Heavy rain likely in North Bengal and Sikkim on Sunday and Monday. 
Chances of Local flooding and downstream flooding from Sikkim.


Rawat said...

Sir, Why all rains between june- sept are considered monsoon rains even some rainfall may be pre monsoon or post monsoon

Rajesh said...

Anoop: Monsoon rans are considered when the Monsoon parameters like SW winds and upper winds also being Sw set in...other parameters like humidity and jet streams have to be seasonal, like they are during monsoon. But rains in May, or before Monsoon winds and parameters set in are pre monsoon.
Likewise in North, rains will commence from WDs after the Monsoon conditions withdraw. sometimes there is confusion if rains are from WD or monsoon. Then we have to check the axis position and upper air if anticyclone is forming or not. Once the axis goes South, the WDs come in to bring rains in North.
Pre monsoon in North is convective, before the axis moves to the region.

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