Saturday, July 13, 2013

Recent Central India Heavy Rains..see Rohit's Analysis on Stats and Analysis Page..and Daily Update of Mumbai Lakes on Mumbai Page

SW Monsoon moves into Sindh:

The UAC has entered Pakistan via the Sindh route, and SW winds have brought Thunderstorms to Karachi on Saturday.Light showers of rains were recorded in some parts of the City by evening. Northern parts got drizzles and thunder. In Sindh, Mithi got the highest rainfall of 38 mms, Chorr 10 mms and Nawabshah managed 1 mm.

A weak Monsoon has set in over Sindh. Some thunder showers are likely in coastal Sindh and Karachi next 2 days. Though the rains may exceed 10 mms on sunday.
However, Nawabshah, Sukkar and interior Sindh will continue to be cloudy with a chance of an odd thunderstorm on Sunday. More rainfall possible next week.

SWM can move into Northern Pakistan and Pakistan Punjab next week, around 16th.
SWM advance map updated.

Rainfall around Mumbai ending 8.30 am today(13-07-2013)

Colaba 49.2mm
Santacruz 107.8mm
Vagaries 87.1mm
Vihar(Mumbai) 127.0mm
Tulshi(Mumbai) 150.0mm
Uran 86mm
Panvel 124.0mm
Karjat 114.0mm
Vasai 153.0mm
Virar 265.4mm
Bhiwandi 130.0mm
Mumbra 169.4mm
Thane 137.4mm
Kalyan 129.0mm
Barvi(Badlapur) 284.0mm

Posted by Abhijit Modak


Abhijit Modak said...

CHIEF AMOUNTS OF RAINFALL IN CMs Ending 8.30am today(13-07-2013 ) : minimum 5cm rain recorded stations in below list :-

Hansot (dist Broach) 22, Olpad (dist Surat) 19, Surat City (dist Surat) 18, Daman (dist Daman) 15, Bharuch (dist Broach) 15, Pardi (dist Valsad) 15, Choryasi (dist Surat) 14, Mahesana (dist Mehsana) 14, Ankleshwer (dist Broach) 13, Satlasana (dist Mehsana) 13, Vadgam (dist Banaskantha) 13, Umergam (dist Valsad) 13, Kamrej (dist Surat) 12, Mangrol (dist Surat) 11, Vijapur (dist Mehsana) 11, Deesa (dist Banaskantha) 11, Mansa (dist Gandhinagar) 10, Palsana (dist Surat) 10, Vapi (dist Valsad) 10, Kadi (dist Mehsana) 9, Dharoi Colony (dist Mehsana) 9, Bodeli (dist Baroda) 9, Vagra (dist Broach) 9, Madhbun (dist Dadara & Nagar Haveli) 9, Tharad (dist Banaskantha) 9, Amirgadh (dist Banaskantha) 8, Detroj (dist Ahmedabad) 8, Kapadvanj (dist Kheda) 8, Sanand (dist Ahmedabad) 7, Vijaynagar (dist Sabarkantha) 7, Kaprada (dist Valsad) 7, Kalol(g) (dist Gandhinagar) 7, Silvassa (dist Dadara & Nagar Haveli) 7, Palanpur (dist Banaskantha) 7, Jhagadia (dist Broach) 7, Bhiloda (dist Sabarkantha) 7, Gandevi (dist Navsari) 7, Bhabhar (dist Banaskantha) 7, Bayad (dist Sabarkantha) 7, Dahegam (dist Gandhinagar) 7, Kheralu (dist Mehsana) 7, Jalalpor (dist Navsari) 6, Dantiwada (dist Banaskantha) 6, Valia (dist Broach) 6, Viramgam (dist Ahmedabad) 6, Meghraj (dist Sabarkantha) 6, Prantij (dist Sabarkantha) 6, Dholka (dist Ahmedabad) 6, Gandhinagar (dist Gandhinagar) 6, Chikhli (dist Navsari) 6, Idar (dist Sabarkantha) 6, Morva Hadaf (dist Panchmahal) 6, Abad City (dist Ahmedabad) 6, Himatanagar (dist Sabarkantha) 6, Valsad (dist Valsad) 6, Sami (dist Patan) 6, Siddhpur (dist Patan) 6, Dhansura (dist Sabarkantha) 5, Radhanpur (dist Patan) 5, Balasinor (dist Kheda) 5, Wav (dist Banaskantha) 5, Devgadh Baria (dist Dahod) 5, Khedbrahma (dist Sabarkantha) 5, Vadnagar (dist Mehsana) 5, Dhanera (dist Banaskantha) 5, Navsari (dist Navsari) 5, Virpur (dist Kheda) 5, Kathalal (dist Kheda) 5, Santalpur (dist Patan) 5, Godhra (dist Panchmahal) 5, Unjha (dist Mehsana) 5, Patan (dist Patan) 5, Dharampur (dist Valsad) 5

Jamnagar (dist Jamnagar) 29, Khambhalia (dist Jamnagar) 19, Bhanvad (dist Jamnagar) 14, Vanthali (dist Junagarh) 13, Mendarda (dist Junagarh) 13, Manavadar (dist Junagarh) 13, Jamjodhpur (dist Jamnagar) 12, Lodhika (dist Rajkot) 10, Kutiana (dist Porbandar) 10, Dhoraji (dist Rajkot) 10, Talaja (dist Bhavnagar) 9, Ranavav (dist Porbandar) 9, Upleta (dist Rajkot) 9, Kalyanpur (dist Jamnagar) 8, Porbandar (dist Porbandar) 8, Bhavnagar (dist Bhavnagar) 8, Junagadh (dist Junagarh) 8, Umrala (dist Bhavnagar) 7, Vadia (dist Amreli) 7, Jetpur (dist Rajkot) 7, Lalpur (dist Jamnagar) 7, Keshod (dist Junagarh) 7, Jamkandorna (dist Rajkot) 7, Dasada (dist Surendranagar) 7, Mahuva(b) (dist Bhavnagar) 6, Palitana (dist Bhavnagar) 6, Savarkundla (dist Amreli) 6, Amreli (dist Amreli) 6, Lakhtar (dist Surendranagar) 5, Khambha (dist Amreli) 5, Talala (dist Junagarh) 5, Visavadar (dist Junagarh) 5, Bhesan (dist Junagarh) 5, Shihor (dist Bhavnagar) 5, Gariadhar (dist Bhavnagar) 5

Unknown said...

(IMD)- Has given warning of heavy to very heavy rains in the next 48 hours,that means' there will be hardly any rains in these 48 hours in Mumbai.

sset said...

Entire Gujarat has been blessed with rains in 200-300-400mm. Rajasthan too may move in excess zone.

Meanwhile worst for SE interior KAR - Mysore,Mandya worst with just 2 digit rains (80mm) since june 01. Some of the worst performers since june 01

raichur 94, Bangalore 187, chamrajnager 47, chikamaglur 200, chitardurga 119, chintamani 117, mandya 32, mysore 68, chikkanhalli 84

sset said...

Seems another circulation pipeline along Orissa - again MAHA/MUMBAI/GUJ/MP may get extreme rains???

sset said...

Mumbai almost gets 65% of annual rain in just 30days of rain period!+ 3 months to go more!!

Ron said...

From imd:-An upper air cyclonic circulation would form over northwest Bay of Bengal and neighbourhood during next 24 hours.

so another Low more feeding the monsoon trough??

Neeraj said...

July has disappointed Kathmandu till now - against a July average total of 363 mm; only 63 mm has fallen till today -14th July. Incidentally, out of 12 months, July has the highest total rainfall for this city, but with half of the month gone less than a quarter of rain has fallen. Any reason in particular for this ? And what are the prospects for the coming week ?

emkay said...

I feel the moisture feeding from inland water bodies has started!! No more dependent from the sea. Yesterday flight was forced to go thru high cloudtops probanly west MP. The ghats ridge covered by thick pregnant clouds. Land sighted only near navimumbai on descent.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It look's like as though' the rain's along the Konkan coast including Mumbai might increase Monday or from Tuesday evening onward's

Tyrone said...

Will khi still get rains on.Sunday?

sset said...

Entire south India seems to have entered into weak phase, interiors of south are already left high and dry (very bad) same like last 3 years. Last year 2012 monsoon was stubborn during withdrawal time in end sept/early October- UACs formed over Jaiselmar giving 400mm of rain during 2 consecutive days. As result of this number of rainy days /shift of axis to south India has drastically reduced. Even SriLanka has no rain now like TN/Rayalseema. Gujarat seems to have its glory days..july in just 3 days of rain Ahmedabad enters into excess zone now total rain almost 450mm...In all respects most water assured areas from monsoon in India from top (a)Maharashtra (b)Orissa (c)Madhya Pradesh (d)Gujarat (e)likely Rajasthan

Anonymous said...

Leh,Kashmir (population : 35,000) ; is the cultural centre of India's cold desert region.. Situated at an altitude of around 3500 mtrs above sea level , hotels do carry precautionary measures such as oxygen cylinders ..
It's often called as mini Tibet , because of its religious,Buddhist cultural,topographic and climate similarities..
Winters are really cold and freezing ..Summers are sunny and dry with cool / cold nights..

Averages (2005 -2010) for Leh-

Jan : -0.8/ -14.3 , Feb: 01.6 /-10.1 ,Mar: 08 / -04.6 , Apr: 13 / 0.2 , May: 17.4/04.4, Jun: 22 /08.5,
Jul: 25.7/13 , Aug: 25.8/12.8 , Sep: 20.8/07.2, Oct: 14.1/ -01.1 , Nov: 08.2 /-08.2 , Dec: 02.6/-12.7 ..

Annual Rain: 7.8 cms ,Annual snow: 23.7 cms ,Annual avg temp: 13.2 / -0.4 ( 06.4 c)

Unknown said...

Good to see that Cherapunji is behind.

Abhijit Modak said...

Nagpur records 145.1mm rain ending 8.30am today.

Anonymous said...

Heavy rains in Nagpur through out the Night. Great weather

emkay said...

Wondering why lightening arrestors are not able to protect equipment in Nagpur - Every season at HC there lots of equipment are going kaput. They have lightening arrestors. 35 nodes gone yesterday in lightening.

Unknown said...

Look's like' once again wet weather is approaching Mumbai, Konkan and South Gujrat this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Koproli (Raigad) - 339.3 CMS rain till 15 Jul 2013 ..

Located at a straight line distance of around 25 kms from Colaba

Anonymous said...

1-15 Jul 2013 average temp - >

SCZ .. 29.9 c / 24 c (29.6 cms)..

CLB .. 29 c / 25.5 c ( 31.8 cms) ..

Sunny Arora said...

Dear Neeraj domination of Western Disturbances have created a blockages' for lows formed in the bay of Bengal. Nepal will get rains by 20th July

sset said...

Anuj- These WD seem to be always source of annoyance (sorry). Before monsoon also they were active bringing rains to RAJ/GUJ now also they are appearing (now it is okay atleast Mumbai got break from torrential rains for few days) and worst to come if during NEM season WD appear then entire TN/Rayalseema/interior KAR may not receive any rain (serious drought) as cyclone formation may move to Orissa/Bangladesh.

Vinod Desai said...

Hi rohit,
I doubt a place so close to our city receiving such high rain fall. If so this should be topper of maharashtra.
Also what could be the reason for such high rainfall number.

Vinod Desai said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing this detail for the viewers.

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