Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Abhijit Modak will be posting Interesting Rainfall details and Information of the Townships around Mumbai from Today. He will be posting directly on Vagaries every morning...the 2nd after Pradeep.

Rainfall in Mumbai ending 5.30 pm today (10-07-2013)

Colaba 56.0mm
Vagaries 47.1mm
Santacruz 23.0mm 
Alibaugh 60.0mm

For information Colaba max temp was 26.2 c & Santacruz max temp was 26.5c today

Rainfall around Mumbai ending 8.30 am today(10-07-2013)

Colaba 22mm
Santacruz 24.6mm
Alibaugh 45.3mm
Uran 63mm
Panvel 95mm
Karjat 36.2mm
Vasai 21mm
Thane 35.6mm
Kalyan 27mm
Ulhasnagar 51.4mm
Ambernath 38mm

Posted by Abhijit Modak


Unknown said...

CONGO ABHIJIT!!!.Really very nice.Now everyday i have to see the vag main blog instead of finding it in comment.

Anonymous said...

keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

July rain innings at Mumbai SCZ (all data in cms) :

Total no. of innings : 54 .. No. of Centuries :13 .. Most runs in an over ..94 (26th July 2005)..Lowest score : 10.. Average : 90 + ..
Anything short of half century is disappointment ..

Anonymous said...

The hot spot "Nellore" was cooler(almost eqvivalent to west coast !!) .. ( readings for today) .. 27 c (-9) / 24.6 (-2) .. 21.6 mms (past 24 hrs till 8.30 am today)

Unknown said...


Rajesh said...

sam:yes...centre is around 86E and 18N..with clouding and winds in the southern and partly SW quadrant...
Mumbai clouding is from... tutorials...remember Sympathy clouding..?
sympathy cloudng, and sometimes a sympathy low forms in the ARB Sea on almost the same latitude as a system in the bay...taught in tutorials

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir ,
just want to clarify my doubt, is BB-6 right behind BB-5.I COULD BE WRONG.

Nimish Thaker said...

Way to go for the weatherman from Badlapur. More and more Vagarians are winning trust to directly contribute to the blog. The blog has become a community platform of Weather information and exchange.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH Solar storm to hit Earth on November 30, will disrupt mobile communication. NASA and weather experts are issuing a w...