Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oswald and Peta, Two Back to Back Cyclones Pound Two Australian Coasts...See International Page:

Snowy UK Facing a Cold Week..and Europe Snow Bound....See International Page

J-4 moving across Northern Kashmir...though Srinagar did not get precipitation, the Northern areas like Anantnag and other regions had light precipitation.
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Northern Sub-Continent still retaining the previous cold temperatures...Lowest in Indian plains was at adampur (Punjab), showing 1.7c...and Amritsar was 2c. 
Delhi Sjung was cold at 4.8c (4/5c).
Across the border, Sibbi froze to -4c, Mithi was 1c, and Islamabad was at 0c. 
(Figures in Brackets indicate the vagaries' forecasted figure)

The Day's high on Tuesday was higher in Mumbai with Scruz showing 31.5c (31/32c) and Colaba reading 30.7c.
Panjim however was very much higher at 35.4c, incidently the highest in the Sub-Continent today (22nd)...and Ratnagiri 32.oc.
Pune was 31.2c (30c) and Solapur 33.1c.
Surat showed the 2c rise as estimated, and reached 32.3c on Tuesday 22nd.

An UAC has formed over Vidharbh and adjoining Chattisgarh...Light rains likely over Vidharbh and adjoining Chattisgarh on 23rd and 24th...


Unknown said...

Flash : Akola had almost one hour heavy showers with thunder and lightning. Rajeshbhai...UAC bang on target!!! .......potey

Rajesh said...

Thanks Cmdr Potey for the report..One more day for Akola and adjoining regions..then rains in Nagpur and adjoining Chattisgarh from 29th..

sset said...

South East India - India driest spot.

Bangalore desertification.


If monsoon fails again this year- then probably eviction of people may happen - no water???

Neeraj said...

Highs of 19~20 C (a bit on the higher side)
Lows of 0.5~2 C( normal range)
Precipitation: after 10 mm rain from J3, its been quite dry - and days have become warmer (max temp gone up and it generally feels quite warm - midday till early evening); though the lows are more in the normal range.The cooling effect of J3 was not felt here.
Any chance of another WD in the near future?

Strong Western Disturbance is seen affecting the country and the subcontinent. Heavy rain and snow reported from Himalayas, and rain/thunder...