Monday, January 14, 2013

Another fairly warm day on Makar Sankrat at Surat. With the day's high at 33.2c, there was very little wind fro the kite enthusiasts, as the morning and afternoon was having hardly any breeze. It was only after 2.30 pm that the west winds at around 6 km/hr started ..still enough for the experts , but not good enough for the beginners in kite flying.
Ahmadabad had a calm morning, with very weak winds, but post noon, the westerlies picked up to around 10 kmph.

Mumbai Scruz showed a high of 32.6c , Colaba 30.8c and Vagaries at 30.7c. Mumbai had good (19 kmph) winds post noon. 
Pune at 34.2c was very warm and a hot Sankrat at Ahmadnagar at 35.2c. Ratnagiri shot up to 35.4c.
even Mahableshwar could be considered warm at 29.3c....

The ridge and the High in Central India stubbornly persist....
more later tonite...

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