Wednesday, December 19, 2012

There is very little rainfall activity in store for the next 5 days in the Sub_continent, 20th -26th December:
Prominent , among the meager action will be 

1. An easterly wave, weak, and with an UAC embedded in ti moves across Sri Lanka, Westwards from the 21st December to 24th December. Precipitation from the wave will graze through the Southern TN regions. Heavy rains in Sri Lanka from 22nd for a couple of days.
A few showers for Chennai in this period.
2. A weak WD crosses through Northern Pakistan (extreme North) and Kashmir on the 24th.

Thursday, 20th will be warm as it currently is, at 33/34c, and the night around 18c (Scruz).
Friday 21st/Sat 22nd/Sun 23rd: With a change in winds, to the SE direction , and West in the evening, the days will drop to about 31c and the nights hovering around 18c for Scruz.

Thursday 20th/Friday 21st: Continuing with the pleasant day scenario, with the max around 28c and nights at 10c.
Saturday 22nd/Sunday 23rd: Days may warm up to 30/31c again and nights will be pleasantly around 11c. High clouds appear on Sunday/Monday.

Delhi NCR:
The NW winds will blow till Sunday, 23rd. Days will be around 22c till Sunday. Nights will be around 9/10c till Sunday. Possibility of below 9c on Thursday/Friday.
After Sunday, the day NW winds slow down, and fog possible on 24th morning. 
Day temperatures show a slight rise from Monday by 2c. Fall in night temperatures by 2c on Monday/Tuesday. No rains expected.

Surat: Current NE winds, keeping the days around 33/34c, will ease off from Monday, and the day temperature may see a fall of 2/3c from Monday.

Kolkata: No rains and NW winds keep the day around 26 -16c. Till Sunday. Monday sees stiff winds from the North and days will drop to 23c. 

Current cold in Sindh will move into Raj and adjoining NW India on Thursday and Friday morning. 

Nepal will be dry and cold. Kathmandu will be dry, with day -night range between 17c and 4c.

Balochistan and Sindh regions are in the grip of a cold wave, with lowest at Sibbi, 0c. Karachi is at a low of 14.5c and Hyderabad (SIndh)13c.
Slight clouding seen on Monday, followed by a foggy morning.

Will be going to Dubai, and moving out for a 2/3 short birding trips around the gulf/creek and region's deserts. Hence, interaction on fb and blogs will be irregular and interrupted.  Will be back to base on the 1st of January, night. 

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Arpit Sharma said...

Weather of Delhi-NCR according to
me in terms of average
Above 37C:Extremely Hot(Usually
happens from mid May to mid
33C-37C:Very Hot(Can be
experienced in April,May,June,July
and in early August)
29C-33C:Hot(Can be experienced
in April,July,August,September and
in early October)
25C-29C:Warm(Usually in
March,April,July,August and
21C-25C:Mild(In March,October
and in early November)
17C-21C:Cool(In late
February,March,November and early
13C-17C:Cold(In December,January
and February)
9C-13C:Very Cold(In mid December,January and in early
Below 9C:Extremely Cold(From 20
December to January)

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