Monday, December 03, 2012

TOP 50 DISTRICTS POST MONSoON RAINFALL...compiled by GSB..on Stats Analysis Page..

BB-12. the short lived system, has weakened, and on Monday afternoon, is  at 1007 mb, NE off Sri Lanka.

The location has been drawn and imposed on the IMD Sat image, with the trough running through the Southern Peninsula also shown.

NW  quadrant shows clouding and the winds are still at around 20 knts. Due to this, scattered showers along TN coast, with a few heavy in pockets, by Monday evening. 
The reflectivity image based on the dbZ, shows a sharp decline by Monday evening.  

The system will merge into the trough. While moving West, some precipitation in the Southern tip of India region and S.I. Karnataka.


GSB said...

Rajesh sir,

Post monsoon rainfall data mailed to you just now..

Abhijit Modak said...

Almost shadow fallen in Badlapur as
some blackness seen beneath of alto
cumulus clouds. Also bit gusty breeze
blowing from SE direction. So now 90% of sky is cloud cover. Snap on Vagaries FB page.

Krishna said...

heavy Rains at early hours in the morning from sunday through tuesday....

raning here and there at present....

another few spells like these will make chennai rain normal this season....

keeping my fingers crossed....


  BB 10 crosses  coast as DD on Friday evening