Saturday, December 29, 2012

Surat has dropped to around 30c and low to 14c, and will remain so till 31st as mentioned.
New Delhi South winds started today and expect the day to rise.
chennai has got 22 mms and 10 mms at the two stations, so as per vagaries standard, the average rain till Saturday morning is 16 mms.

A favourable CAPE shows signs of moving along with the trough line, Northwards thru Karnataka and Southern Mah.

On. Friday, the days were cooler on the mainland India, and the Lakshdweep Island city of Amini Divi was highest at 34.8c....coolest day in Asia was at Oymyakon at -48c....just for information..

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sset said...

year 2012, TN received heavy rain only on one occassion, october end (this period was end of SWM), entire NOV,DEC NEM was record dry with no spell of heavy rain,lows or depressions. Even current mentioned UAC brought only max 40-20mm of rain far from expected rains of range 200mm-400mm. Basic reason being weak NEM currents are not crossing 10deg latitude. It is forcasted 2013 will be more worse for penisular India - drastic change in climate pattern with south turning more drier.

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