Sunday, December 02, 2012

1. Cold still persists in Pakistan plains, with the lowest in Sibbi at -0.5c. 
Islamabad dropped to 2.5c, Hyderabad was 11.5c and Karachi was 13.5c. (All on expected lines).The current temperatures in Sindh will persist for another 24 hrs, and rise by 1/2c from Tuesday. 

NW and Northern Indian plains did experiance a drop in night temperatures with Sunday morning showing fall by about 2/3 c in many places. 
The lowest expected by vagaries in Rajasthan was 3/4c, and Churu in Rajasthan saw the lowest at 3.9c. Vagaries had expected Delhi to touch around 8c, it was 7.8c, and Punjab as expected hovered around 6/7c.

For Northern Indian plains, the current level of minimum temperatures will sustain till Tuesday morning. With dry weather and slight rise of 1/2c in night temperatures on Wednesday.

2. On Sunday evening, BB-12,  the Bay Low is located at 11N and 85E, with pressure at 1006 mb. Core winds are less than 20 knts, but outer NE winds along North TN coast likely to be 25 knts bt Monday.
System will track West, and maybe deepen to 1004 mb, before crossing North TN coast on Monday evening.
Chennai gets its expected showers from Monday thru Tuesday. Rain slips into Bangalore from Monday evening.

Around 4th/5th December, the pulse enters the Arabian Sea off Kerala. It will sustain as a low at around 1006 mb off Kerala. System will move a bit North upto South Karnatak/Kerala coast on the 5th and dissolve. 

3. Forecast for Monday 3rd/Tuesday 4th/Wednesday 5th:

Mumbai City: Winds change to a "warm " N/NE from Monday. This will bring about a rise in the day temperatures , which could be around 33c on Monday and 34/35c on Tuesday. The humidity level can drop to 40%, making it slightly "comfortable" (if we can say so). Nights will be around 19c on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday in Scruz and 21/22c at Colaba.

Outer townships too will see warmer days Monday thru Wednesday.

Pune will be around 30/31c on Mon/Tuesday/Wednesday, with the night temperature around 12c first 2 nights and rising to 14c on Wednesday morning. Slightly cloudy from Tuesday.

Monday could see some light rain (drizzles) in coastal Gangetic Bengal.
Kolkata will be partly cloudy with high clouds,  but Tuesday and Wednesday will be clear. Night temperatures around 16/17c for Kolkata next 3 nights.

Kathmandu is around 3.5/4.0c as the minimum temperature. With no effective system around, the weather will remain around the 19-4 range next 3 days.


Abhijit Modak said...

Today I was expecting min temp to be 17 C and partly cloudy sky from Wednesday onwards.. But its happening all in hurry as today morning only Badlapur having partly cloudy sky & due to which min temp raised to 18.9 C @ 6am today.

Abhijit Modak said...

So Yesterday & today's comparison of min temp .

Mumbai Santacruz was 17.1 C yesterday & today is 20.2 C.

Pune was 13.6 C yesterday & today is 15.1 C.

Badlapur was 15.9 C yesterday & today is 18.9 C

Nashik was 11.8 C yesterday & today is 16 C .

So rise in min temp seen in Mumbai/Pune/Nashik belt today itself .

Arpit Sharma said...

Max/Min/24 hrs RF(mm)
Date:03-12-2012 Port
Blair 27.0/24.2/24.00
mm, Anantapur 31.0/18.4/
NIL, Hyderabad 30.4/16.4/
NIL, Kakinada 30.7/20.4/
NIL, Kurnool 31.7/19.0/
NIL, Nellore 32.0/24.0/15.80
mm, Nizamabad 31.5/15.4/
NIL, Ramagundam 31.0/14.8/
NIL, Tirupathi 30.2/20.8/18.80
mm, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Vijaywada 31.8/18.5/
NIL, Vishakapatnam 30.5/22.0/
NIL, Itanagar 28.2/12.2/
NIL, Passighat 26.6/15.0/
NIL, Dhubri 24.5/15.8/
NIL, Dibrugarh 27.7/12.0/
NIL, Guwahati 27.6/13.4/
NIL, Jorhat 27.0/11.7/NIL, North
Lakhimpur 29.2/8.8/
NIL, Silchar 27.4/14.2/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Tezpur 28.8/10.2/
NIL, Bhagalpur 22.1/13.6/
NIL, Gaya 25.8/8.8/
NIL, Patna 25.6/10.9/
NIL, Purnea 27.5/8.5/
NIL, Raipur 29.9/14.9/NIL, Delhi
(Palam) 23.7/7.9/NIL, Delhi
(Safdarjung) 24.5/6.8/
NIL, Panjim 32.3/21.4/
NIL, Ahmedabad 29.8/14.8/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Baroda 31.6/16.4/
NIL, Bhuj 28.0/15.0/
NIL, Deesa 30.0/14.8/
NIL, Dwarka 29.0/18.6/
NIL, Naliya 28.8/9.6/
NIL, Porbandar 31.6/19.0/
NIL, Rajkot 30.9/14.2/
NIL, Surat 32.6/18.8/
NIL, Veraval 31.6/18.4/
NIL, Ambala 23.9/7.2/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Bhiwani 23.2/6.0/
NIL, Chandigarh 23.3/6.5/
NIL, Gurgaon 28.7/4.4/
NIL, Hissar 24.5/4.3/
NIL, Karnal 23.5/5.4/
NIL, Kurukshetra 24.1/8.1/
NIL, Narnaul 24.0/5.0/
NIL, Rohtak --/--/NIL, Sirsa --/--/
NIL, Chamba 11.0/5.5/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Dharamsala 17.8/7.8/
NIL, Kalpa 12.0/0.6/
NIL, Keylong 4.6/-5.7/
NIL, Kullu 16.0/3.6/
NIL, Manali 11.8/3.6/
NIL, shimla 18.3/7.3/
NIL, Solan 21.5/0.8/
NIL, Sundernagar 17.4/2.1/
NIL, Banihal 13.7/5.2/
NIL, Batote 11.4/7.2/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Bhaderwah 12.6/2.6/
NIL, Gulmarg 5.6/-6.9/
NIL, Jammu 18.8/7.2/
NIL, Katra 18.8/8.5/
NIL, Kupwara 12.3/-2.8/
NIL, Leh 5.0/-7.4/
NIL, Pehalgam 8.2/-3.4/
NIL, Qazigund 7.8/-2.3/
NIL, Srinagar 11.1/-1.6/
NIL, Jamshedpur 28.4/11.7/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Ranchi 25.6/9.4/
NIL, Belgaum 29.5/15.4/
NIL, Bellary 32.3/16.5/
NIL, Bengaluru 28.1/17.2/0.01
mm, Bijapur 29.8/13.2/
NIL, Chitradurga 28.9/15.3/
NIL, Gadag 29.3/14.8/
NIL, Gulbarga 32.2/17.3/
NIL, Hassan 31.8/14.2/
NIL, Honnavar 32.9/21.9/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Madikeri 25.5/12.1/
NIL, Mangalore 35.1/22.0/
NIL, Mysuru 29.1/15.7/
NIL, Raichur 31.2/14.8/

Arpit Sharma said...

NIL, Kannur 32.8/22.1/
NIL, Kochi 32.2/22.6/
NIL, Kottayam 32.8/23.0/
NIL, kozhikode 33.4/23.1/
NIL, Thiruvananthapu ram
NIL, Agati 31.6/26.8/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Amini Divi 33.7/26.7/
NIL, Kavarati 29.5/27.4/
NIL, Minicoy 32.1/24.4/
NIL, Bhopal 28.7/14.0/
NIL, Gwalior 25.7/7.9/
NIL, Indore 29.2/16.4/
NIL, Jabalpur 27.1/12.2/
NIL, Akola 32.1/17.2/
NIL, Aurangabad 30.4/16.8/
NIL, Dahanu 27.8/19.4/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Harnai 28.6/22.8/
NIL, Mahabaleshwar 25.7/14.2/
NIL, Mumbai 30.3/20.2/
NIL, Nagpur 31.0/13.2/
NIL, Nanded --/13.0/
NIL, Nasik 31.5/16.0/
NIL, Parbhani 31.9/13.1/
NIL, Pune 31.0/15.1/
NIL, Ratnagiri 32.0/18.6/
NIL, Sangli 31.6/20.0/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Imphal 25.9/8.2/
NIL, Cherrapunji 22.5/7.1/
NIL, Shilong 18.1/8.1/
NIL, Aizwal 24.8/--/
NIL, Lengpui --/10.3/
NIL, Kohima 19.4/5.8/
NIL, Angul 28.5/12.6/
NIL, Balasore 29.1/13.2/
NIL, Bhubneshwar 29.8/14.1/
NIL, Cuttack 27.5/12.4/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Gopalpur 29.6/16.1/
NIL, Jharsuguda 28.9/12.1/
NIL, Koraput 25.0/10.0/
NIL, Paradip 29.0/16.1/
NIL, Puri 29.6/16.5/
NIL, Sambalpur 29.0/11.7/
NIL, Titlagarh 28.0/14.1/
NIL, Pondicherry 31.1/22.2/
NIL, Amritsar 23.2/4.8/
NIL, Anandpur Sahib 22.6/6.1/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Bhatinda 22.3/5.4/
NIL, Chandigarh 23.3/6.5/
NIL, Jalandhar 21.1/3.1/
NIL, Ludhiana 23.1/5.7/
NIL, Pathankot --/--/
NIL, Patiala 25.1/6.5/
NIL, Ajmer 24.0/12.2/
NIL, Barmer 25.5/12.0/
NIL, Bikaner 26.3/8.8/
NIL, Churu 25.4/3.9/NIL, Max/
Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Jaipur 24.6/9.8/
NIL, Jaisalmer 25.5/10.5/
NIL, Jodhpur 26.2/14.3/
NIL, Kota 26.0/12.5/NIL, Mount
Abu 23.4/8.0/
NIL, Sriganganagar 24.7/6.2/
NIL, Udaipur 25.4/11.2/
NIL, Gangtok 16.0/8.4/
NIL, Tadong 18.4/9.2/
NIL, Chennai 28.4/22.3/37.00
mm, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Coimbatore 32.2/20.0/
NIL, Kanyakumari 32.2/23.3/
NIL, Kodaikanal 15.9/9.6/
NIL, Madurai 33.0/22.5/
NIL, Nagapattinam 29.5/22.6/0.90
mm, Pamban 29.5/25.7/
NIL, Salem 31.7/22.2/
NIL, Tiruchirapalli 33.0/23.5/
NIL, Vellore 29.6/18.8/1.30
mm, Agartala 27.8/12.7/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Almora 21.6/0.0/
NIL, Dehradun 24.1/6.3/
NIL, Haridwar 23.7/4.0/
NIL, Joshimath 17.3/7.8/
NIL, Mukteshwar 16.6/4.2/
NIL, Mussorie 16.2/5.9/
NIL, Nainital 17.5/7.5/
NIL, Pantnagar 25.6/4.0/
NIL, Pithoragarh 20.5/4.3/
NIL, Roorkee 24.0/6.7/
NIL, Max/Min Temp /24 hr RF
(mm) Tehri 18.2/5.4/
NIL, Bankura 28.4/12.0/
NIL, Coochbehar 27.9/11.1/
NIL, Digha 28.1/13.5/
NIL, Jalpaiguri 27.1/12.4/
NIL, Kolkata 28.1/14.8/
NIL, Krishnanagar 26.5/12.2/
NIL, Malda 26.9/14.8/
NIL, Sriniketan 27.7/11.5/NIL,

Abhijit Modak said...

Today max temp of Badlapur is 32 C at 3pm. Yesterday it was 30.6 C. So rise by 1.4 C noted.

Outlook for next week till Thursday 29th February: Temperatures expected to rise across Maharashtra and Gujarat. Chance of thunderstorms for...