Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hot March For Sub-Continent.
IPL Hill Venue heats up !
This is how march has been for the Sub-Continent ! We had a HOT March.

Central India, Maharashtra and Northwards have been above normal, most of North-West ern regions have been hot, that is temperatures were in the range 41c-43c, nearly 7/8c above normal. And some pockets saw high day temperatures of 10/11c above noraml. Instances of such high departures have been mentioned in my previous blogs.
Come April 1st. and..things have simmered down a bit. The highest today was 43c at Nawabshah (SIndh) and 42c at Nellore and Jamshedpur in India. The rest of the central regions were between 35c and 38c today.
But do not expect days to remain subdued for long. Now into April, days can be expected to start heating up again from next week, more so in central and north-west India. Gujarat, Vidharbh, M.P. and Rajasthan should see over 42c early next week, and Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and west U.P. should reach 41/42c by next week.
H.P.which was bearing the brunt of the heat wave, with places at 10c /11c above normal, and Dharamsala (an IPL hill venue) having shot up to 31.5c (+10c) last week, is a wee bit better off now at 29c today. Simla has cooled down from a high of 25.5c to 23c, and the coldest place in the state, Kelong was today at 1c as the minimum.
Meanwhile, the easterly wave mentioned in the previous blog, though weak, has precipitated some rains in T.N.,along the coast. I expect the rains to remain somewhat frequent in T.N, coast amd interior, into the first week.
Still, our blog poll result remains open today. No city has reached 45c this year as yet. So, option of 31st March is over. There were no votes for that anyway. But, a few cities were within reach during last month's heat wave, having reached 43.5c then.

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