Friday, April 30, 2010

Continuing from yesterday's blog...
Due to thunderstorm activities over many parts of the sub-continent,, maximum temperatures have fallen by 4-8°C over parts of west Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka and by 2-3°C over parts of Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Rayalaseema. (Day temp map from Univ. of Cologne attached). The fall into the late 30s is very visible here.
The highest in Pakistan today was recorded at Nawabshah, 44c and 43.4c in India,at Chur (Rajasthan) and Daltonganj.
Hence discussed in the blog yesterday, the W.D. has had some effect on the day's heat. And, I expect another 2/3c fall in the day's heat in the next 2 days.
Meanwhile, day temperatures have also dropped in Maharashtra, with Washim, recording the highest today of 42c. This fall is attributed to the light rains all over the state, as a result of a trough running from W.Bengal to the South-East Arabian Sea.

And, to the contrary, Mumbai has become worst off after a drizzle on Friday morning. S'Cruz was high at 37c, and the humidity factor was unbearable as it was partly cloudy in the day.
I do not expect this rain in Maharashtra to last beyond Saturday.

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