Thursday, April 08, 2010

Extreme Heat in central India:

On Thursday, central regions of India experianced extreme heat with Akola topping at 44.7c. ( No, I don't take it as 45c, and the poll remains open).
Several cities in Central and Western India are now in the 42~44c range. Most of the Indian region is above normal.And the maps of today's temperature and departure show it all.
Highest in Asia/India: Akola 44.7c. Highest in Thailand: 44c Tak. Highest in Pakistan: 43.0c at Nawabshah.
A noteworthy point: Nawabshah had a range between day & night temperatures of 27 degrees c ! High of 43c and a low of 16c ! Thats quite a range, I have no records for that, but seems the highest range between day & night I've seen !

Current Weather in Mumbai (Thursday10 pm Local Time): Thunder/Lightning and Drizzle. Some moderately high clouds, with cloud top at -30c, and very light SE breeze. Temperature @ 10 pm: 30c.
Unexpected though welcome, for Mumbai, after a day's high of 37.8c at Santa Cruz. No, it was not forecasted, and was quite sudden. Maybe due to moisture incursion from the Arabian Sea towards a weak trough line near central India, and generation of a lot of heat. As per AWS readings, Thane was 43c today (Thursday), alongwith Karjat also at 43c.
Though,on Friday, I expect cloudy weather ,no rain as such, and the high of around 36c. Nights are going to be very stuffy, with the thermometer not going below 28c.

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