Sunday, November 28, 2021

Posted Sunday 28th November

Heavy rains continue in Coastal T. N.... And will get heavy showers for two days more, thus completing a memorable 🌧 figure for Chennai for November. 

Below Stats of Chennai from PJ

Continuing from last post, 

BB-19 expected to reorganize at 925 hpa levels and above, as it enters the Arabian Sea tomorrow and becomes an Low Pressure, AS-5. 

This Low Pressure AS-5 will track north parallel to the West coast of India and can possibly intensify till well marked low (WML). Then will fizzle out around 3rd off the North Konkan Coast.

AS-5 will interact with an incoming westerly trough in jet stream at 200 hPa and will move in a northeast direction from December 1. 

W. D. rains effect in North & North West India from 3rd, for a couple of days. 

Mumbai:🌦Rains again next week, from Tuesday 30th evening, Wednesday and Thursday 2nd. ( It's not normal for Mumbai, but also not the first time we see December rains). 

 Expecting increasing cloudiness with light to moderate showers from Tuesday 30th November evening. Rain will increase further on December 1st and 2nd with moderate rain and occasional heavy shower for Mumbai. 

Cumulative rainfall from 30th November Tuesday t nuo 2nd December Thursday Night for Mumbai : Ranging from 20 mms - 45 mms. Cooler day temperatures below 30°C. 

Mahableshwar & Lonavala, going to be very pleasant on 30th Tuesday and 1st Wednesday with showers. 

Pune and Nashik:

End of November and again we see a cloudy ⛅ sky and warmer temperatures. Minimum temperature will rise again. 

Cloudy weather with light showers and cool daytime conditions ( 26c) expected for these regions on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd December. 

Gujarat: South Gujarat🌦 (Surat/Bharuch) may see increasing cloudiness and light to moderate rain from 30th November till 2nd December. Cooler days. 

Parts of Saurashtra and East Gujarat (Ahmedabad - Vadodara - Bhavnagar region) may see some moderate-heavy rain on 1st and 2nd December. 

Compilation assisted by Vag. Shreyas. 


sanjeev Gokhale said...

Rajesh sir,when rain finally stop till next monsoon in Mumbai?so this is those unusual years.

Rajesh said...

Vagaries of the Weather. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯😉

Big rainfall numbers from core monsoon zone in the past 24 hrs.  Porbandar,Guj   49 cm  Eluru, AP   27 cm        Castle Rock  24 cm   Compil...