Friday, November 19, 2021

Some South Gujarat towns got good rainfall on Friday 18th specially between 4pm & 6pm..Valsad drenched 83 mn, Surat 40 mms.. Rains☔. ..2 Systems Managed the forecast of 14th ( vagaries). 

Posted Friday Afternoon:

Heavy Showers lash Bangaluru as BB-18 moves inland.

Bangaluru  A.P. 91 mms, City 74 mms as on Friday morning 24 hrs.

BB-18 is expected to fizzle out into an UAC  in the Interior Karnatak Region..

But, rains continue this weekend in the Interior Karnataka and southern Madhya Maharashtra and South Konkan.

Outlook for this weekend: 19th/20th/21st.

  • Goa: Light rains recorded on 18th. Moderate  type of thundershowers will continue till Monday 22nd.
  • South Konkan & South Madhya Maharashtra:  Moderate  type of thundershowers will continue till Monday 22nd.
  • Mumbai: Warm and humid conditions this weekend. Light to medium rains likely to continue in parts of Mumbai this weekend.
  • Pune: Moderate thundershowers likely in parts of Pune . Weather conditions will be warm and above normal winter temperatures.
  • Aurangabad: Some light showers on Sunday 21st.
Gujarat rains yesterday

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