Thursday, October 07, 2021

 7th October Morning:


Gokul Pune said...

High amounts of low level cyclonic vorticity was seen over Goa this morning as per ECMWF analysis - 850 mb.Upper level wind divergence seen with Winds increasing downstream
Convection could have been favorable in the region of upper level divergence
Low level circulation with positive vorticity along with upper level divergence can help favor convection as both could lead to to verticallly upward motions. Vertically integrated Moisture Convergence is also in the northern sector of the circulation
Low level convergence happening to some extent in the eastern parts of the circulation and then the circulation takes it to the northern and north west part of the circulation.In the process of such a transport , the upper level divergence in the north west side will favour a dynamic lifting ..That would ensure deep convection develops there.In such a weak circulations the dominant factor could be changing and evolving quickly.Local factors play an important role within the circulation
especially on the mesoscale vortices within the large scale circulation

sset said...

Useless high latitude systems over AS and north Bay during end of SWM will only delay onset of fragile NEM. This will only lead to desertification of SE India.

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