Wednesday, August 11, 2021

 Posted Wednesday 11th evening:

Mumbai:                                                                   (Chennai Below)

The outlook for the next 4 days till 16th does not promise any major improvement in rainfall for Mumbai. This weekend will get Scattered passing showers and sunny spells. Hot and humid. 

This is the daily rainfall in Mumbai Colaba from 5th August to 11th August..Daily..and just 29 mms in last 7 days 


The Cumulative total graph is now flattening, moving towards the Blue line, the Normal level...and may cross it to go into deficient region if this continues.

Daily rainfall at Scruz in last 7 days:


Mumbai Scruz also had just 43 mms in the last 7 days. Though the graph has flattened, the overall total level is above the normal.

With the same less rainfall in the last 7 days, 15 mms,  
Not much to see in terms of meaningful rain, with a few light showers in parts. A moderate shower possible on the weekend. Cooler nights.

Long Holiday Weekend coming up: 
Mahableshwar will have reasonable travel weather. Limited rainfall, with short hevy falls, around 20-30 mms/day, with some short sunny periods and foggy weather with a pleasant temperature range between 20c - 16c.

Khandala/Lonaval: Partly cloudy and patchy fog. Pleasant weather with short heavy falls & periods of rain. Reasonable weather to travel. 

Aurangabad District will have very less rainfall in the next 5 days, just some scattered rains. 
Need to secure the existing standing crops from the drying soil. s yet, the standing crop is satisfactory.
Pics from the Fields as on yesterday. Sent by Shyam Sonne (Farmer)

(North T.N.Coastline) Expected to get some moderate thundershowers on 12th & 13th. Rest of the weekend may see some decrease thereafter.

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Unknown said...

Rajesh, could you please let us know the prospects of rain for North Gujarat in the next 2 to 4 weeks ?


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