Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Posted 24th August Morning

Map Prepared by Vag.Tejas data from "Water Resources Dept"
Clouds decreasing...Animated Image from IMD as on Tuesday 24th Afternoon.

Reduced and very scanty ( less than 5 mms/day) rainfall expected next 4 days in Gujarat Region, Saurashtra , Kutch, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Delhi.

Forecast for 24th-27th August: 

Marathwada: Light rain/Thundershowers expected in Marathwada region (including Aurangabad district) on 24th and 25th August (5-10 mm/day average).  from 26th, only light rain in few isolated areas. Daytime likely to be warm. 

मराठवाडा: २४ आणि २५ ऑगस्ट रोजी हलका पाऊस/गडगडाटी पाऊस अपेक्षित आहे (सरासरी ५-१० मिमी). २६ ऑगस्ट पासून , तुरळक ठिकाणीच हलका पाऊस पडेल. दिवस गरम राहील.

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Tanmay srivastav said...

Can you provide Cherrapunji & Mawsynram data since 1 january to 31 may 2021
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