Saturday, March 27, 2021


Map by Vagarian Tejas

Posted 27th March noon:

The Indian sub Continent has started heating ..with several places crossing the 40c mark...and we see patches of above normal heat in Saurashtra and Kutch, Konkan and H.P...many other places are also marginally above normal...seen from the anomaly Map of 27th.

Gujarat & Konkan is seen as a Hot Spots , with several places going above 40c and above normal...

Next three days , Ahmedabad & Surat and parts of Saurashtra & Kutch are expected to touch  40c.or more. This Saturday /Sunday will be Hot at >40c. in some spots of Saurashtra. 

Konkan will be Hot next 3 days also..

Bharuch will be very hot at 41c (or more)this weekend. expected to be better after Monday when we see a drop of 3/4 degrees.

Konkan too has been unusually y hot...with some temperatures like Murbad touching an unbearable 44c on 26th.

Other Places in Konkan: Chiplun 43.6c, Karjat  & Shahpur 43c, Telasari 42.8c, Palghar & Manor 41.8c, Thane 41.2c, Badlapur 40.4c, Navi Mumbai 40c, Mumbai Scz 38.5c.

Konkan Temps credit to Abhijit Modak.

Mumbai has been hot last few day as seen from the diagram...Red line in actual Maximum and Black line the normal.

Mumbai expected 38-40c this weekend....But expecting drop in Mumbai day temperatures From Monday 29th. a least to 35/36c levels.

Pune , around normal..expected to maintain same levels this weekend.

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sanjeev Gokhale said...

Thank You Rajesh sir for your update. Will the entire week commencing from Monday better for Mumbai as compared to this week end?

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