Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Posted 30th March afternoon:

Mumbai: after a very hot weekend, Mumbai sees the expected fall in day temperatures..from 40.9c on Saturday 27th to 34.0c (7c fall) on Monday 29th.

Now, this week , next 4 days will be around 32/33c, ok temperatures wise. BUT, with higher humidity, meaning more sweaty. The "Real Feel*" temperatures wil  be 36c. Nights will be stuffy than before.

Pune : Next 4 days around 37/38c, same as the current range, but better at night with a minimum of 17/18c. Wit lower humidity, in spite of higher temperatures, Pune Real Feel* will be 32c.

* Real Feel Temperatures is the actual temperature that the body feels taking into consideration the wind factor and the Humidity. 

This week next 4 days:

Surat: also better now than previous weekend, with the day around 37c on 29th. expected this week to be around 37c, but with a High Real Feel of 38c.

Delhi: Getting much better (From the 40c)  and tolerable weather with days around 35/36c, and pleasant nights at 16/17c

Jabalpur; Hot, around 39c, with slight dip in minimum to around 21c. 

Scenario Expected: 

A Low is expected in the Bay , just East of the Andamans by 31st. The system will strengthen, BUT will move NE towards Myanmar.

The heat from Coastal regions of West Coast will reduce , and as shown in this Map, the interiors will heat up in first week of April.

29th Day Temperatures in India with the anomaly.


shiekhz said...

Are these heatwaves are due to below normal. Rains?

Rawat said...

Karachi in Pakistan reports 3% RH at 11.30am that's crazy low

Rajesh K said...

When we can expect monsoon watch series

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