Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Posted Tuesday night
Depression BB 7 is located off North Odisha /w.. Bengal coast.
Tracking W/NW. 
Heavy rains expected in Odisha and south chattisgarh Wednesday and in MP and
North Maharashtra and north kokan and south Gujarat on Thursday.

Friday heavy rains in kokan, south Gujarat and Saurashtra.
Heavy rains expected in Saurashtra. 
North MaharashtraNasik can expect heavy rains along with south coastal Gujarat. 

Mumbai will see an increase in rains from Thursday. Friday will be rainy with frequent heavy showers. Heavy showers expected.
Ghat Stations will resume heavy rains from Thursday.

Karachi and south Sindh region will see rain from m Friday for 2/3 days.


shiekhz said...

Sir nothing for karachi/sindh :(

Gaurav raninga said...

Big hopes for defficiant parts of saurashtra...This system can change the picture of saurashtra for this season...Thanks sir.

Abizer kachwala said...

Sir amount of rains For Nagothane expected in this period..already hit by floods last week?

sset said...
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Rajesh said...

Shiekz:Updated on the blog

Rajesh said...

Abizer.. Wait for a day. We will see the strength of the system on crossing land tomorrow

shiekhz said...

Sorry to bother u again and again sir but what sort of activity u see? Moderate or very heavy?

Nandan said...

what your opinion this system for north gujarat ?

Amit Tare said...

Hello Rajesh Sir
Writing to you after a long time. I have concerns over rain deficit over Nagpur and surrounding area. There were practically no rains in July. In August we are having rains but there is no rain over catchment areas of major water lakes that provide water to Nagpur. Will there be good rain from BB7 in Nagpur or surrounding area. What is the outlook for coming days in Aug and September

sset said...

Last 10 years massive climate changes have been happening : some agree some disagree

a. World wettest and India driest place have shifted positions.
Maharashtra areas around Mumbai like Tamani ghat,ghat areas,many places near konkan have become wetter and rainiest than Cherrapunji.

b.India driest place + new deserts is now SE India Anantapur Rayalseema - rains lower than RAJ Jaisalmer. Main culprits increase in duration of SWM, WDs + consecutive failures of NEM. Bay lows more aligned to north/central India

c. Massive forest cover increase + mangrove forest increase for MAHARASHTRA (Good news)

Cumulus arjun said...

Massive rains in a place called avalanche in Tamil Nadu! 820 mm in 24 hours! South Indian heavyweights!!!!!!

Deepak said...

Rajesh sir as per ur snippets no sign of rain increasing in mumbai kindly look into this only cloudy no rain

sset said...

Rains over Avalanche is this a verified report ?

Abizer kachwala said...

Yes..overcast skies..no rain in Panvel.Sir,you told about the NW track of the system.Reduced effect to Mumbai now?

 See World Weather News Pag e .. World Weather Page.. New York City finally sees snow Wednesday, ending 328-day snowless streak