Saturday, August 31, 2019

Maharashtra's Top 15 Stations Seasonal Rainfall with Ghat sections, Mumbai surroundings & lakes seasonal maps

For Any Information taken from here, due credit must be given to Vagaries.

Maharashtra Rainfall Toppers from 01-06-2019 to ending till 8.30 am on 31-08-2019
in mms

1. Patharpunj, Patan - 7554
2. Amboli, Sawantwadi – 7521
3. Tamhini, Mulshi – 7520
4. Shirgaon, Mulshi - 7500
5. Jor, Wai - 7098
6. Davdi, Mulshi - 7000
7. Mahabaleshwar – 6984
8. Ambone, Mulshi – 6630
9. Navaja, Patan – 6468
10. Kitwade, Ajara - 6377
11. Walwan, Mahabaleshwar - 6304
12. Shirgaon, Bhor - 6128
13. Dongarwadi, Mulshi – 6020
14. Gaganbavda - 5912
15. Koyana, Patan – 5807

For Comparison: 
Agumbe around 5200 mms.
Cherrapunji - 6024 mms in Monsoon 3 months  and 7887 mms from Jan 1st.

Top 15 list Compilation by Abhijit

Maharashtra's Western Ghat Seasonal Rainfall Map below

Mumbai MMR seasonal Rainfall map below

Mumbai's MMR region water supplying lakes area seasonal rainfall with live water storage(total of all Lakes 97% available as on date) map below

All above three maps made by Tejas & it's data compiled by Abhijit with Lakes input courtesy Richa Pinto TOI

Mumbai MMR region in Kokan division seeing good resurgence of rains as expected from yesterday

Some rainfall in mms ending 8.30am today on 31-8-19:

Matheran 96
Khandeshwar,Panvel 87
Khalapur 79
Panvel 71
Alibaug 66
Pen 55
Ulhasnagar & Airoli, Navi Mumbai  51
Ambernath 46
Roha & Juinagar, Navi Mumbai 41
Vasai 37
Nerul 34
Karjat & Badlapur 33
Colaba, Mumbai 32
Murbad 29
Belapur 27
Vashi 25
Dahanu 20
Thane 18
Palghar 16
Santacruz, Mumbai 13

For Any Information taken from here, due credit must be given to Vagaries.


sset said...

If we consider 2018 sept figures (as given by Vagaries Abhijit)
1. Lamaj, Mahabaleshwar - 7728
2. Shirgaon, Mulshi - 7580
3. Tamhini, Mulshi - 7460
4. Kitwade, Aajra - 7255
5. Davdi, Mulshi - 7240
6. Amboli, Sawantwadi - 6875
7. Tapola, Mahabaleshwar - 6382
8. Mahabaleshwar - 6143
9. Ambone, Mulshi - 6030
10. Navaja, Patan - 5956
11. Revachiwadi, Gaganbawda - 5917
12. Dajipur, Radhanagari - 5836

2019 is 1 month ahead interms of wetness !! September quota got filled by august itself !! Maharashtra is wettest place.

sset said...

Most of heavy weights have received 1000mm ++ more than corresponding 2018 figures !!

Rajesh said...

Excellent August end info Abhijit !

Abhijit Modak said...

Thanks a lot Rajesh Sir :)

shiekhz said...

Sir do u see any rain for karachi tomorrow on 1st sep?

Unknown said...

These are superb statistics for Maharashtra. Let us hope SWM rains continue through September all the way and bring more rains to the region.


Unknown said...

Dear Rajesh,

One request. One blogger here repeatedly distorts facts here. There are baseless claims of 200 mm rainfall in one region when numbers next day show far lesser amounts. Vagaries has had more than 2 million visitors and the reach is far and wide. Such misleading information can confuse people in case they have any work there. That is simply because the credibility of this blog is so high. So incase some comments are posted without veracity of facts and numbers request you to please delete them. Freedom of speech is important but not for misinformation. I say this a well wisher of Vagaries but finally you are the owner of this blog and have every right to decide.


sset said...

Non stop rains in Navi Mumbai -looks like repeat of July. In fact in august we never saw long sunshine with break in monsoon. 4 months of non-stop rain over Maharashtra due to series of never ending Bay and AS systems.
Bangalore no meaningful rains since june. In fact BBMP has stopped tree plantation since last 5 years. No water in so-called rainy season - no water for plants - become barren city.

sset said...

Happy and wet, rainy (Mumbai people) Ganesha for Vagaries.

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