Thursday, August 22, 2019

Posted Thursday Afternoon 22nd August:

The Monsoon Situation as on 21st August: All India +2%. 
State wise and District wise;

The Monsoon Trough continues to be in the foothills of the HImalayas. The Embedded system BB-9 persists over U.P.

The System BB-9 is likely to persist in the region for the next 3 days, and bring Heavy rains to Central India (M.P.)  on Friday and Saturday and will cover East Rajasthan and Haryana on Sunday.

Maharashtra: The Madhya Maharastra and Marathwada regions of the State will receive subdued rainfall next 3 days. 
Nagpur : Intermittent (On/Off) showers on Thursday and Friday. 20-25 mms per day.

Friday/Saturday and Sunday:
Partly cloudy with passing showers. No meaningful increase nor consistent rains. Sunny periods.
Water Storage position is at 95.5% for Mumbai lakes...
Pune : Patchy light showers. Days around 29/30c.


Anonymous said...

How d'you see the SWM withdrawal shaping up this year in NW India?

Cumulus arjun said...

Sir u wrote in ur twitter handle about heavy rains in thane and Mumbai eastern suburbs. What about that sir? We’re those showers short lived?

sset said...

Rajesh Sir in full force ! With Janmashtami around - May Lord Krishna (mighty Vishnu) bless Vagaries blog and Rajesh Sir with all happy times!

This time west coast is in blues - east coast struggling.

Rajesh said...

Arjun: It was a patch of locally effected rainfall..restricted to a thin East-West line corridor...No system no widespread.

Monsoon withdrawal...still 15 days away at least

Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir ,Do you see comeback of heavy rains in Mumbai next month..or its all over now..I know its a long range forecast..but just want your opinion

Cumulus arjun said...

Thanks sir for ur reply. Hopefully good rains in September in Mumbai.

Salim Ramani , Jabalpur said...

How r u Rajesh sir
Take care sir. May god bless you with good health.

Clerean Pereira said...

Hi Rajesh Sir!
God bless you with good health!
I hope there won't be flooding rains in September in Mumbai!😓

sset said...
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shiekhz said...

Hello sir, hope u r having a good time with health.... sir models are showing rains from BB10... if u feel good than plz share update thanks sir

sset said...
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sset said...

IMD predicts extreme rains for GUJ and Orissa ! Lucky excess GUJ

 Talking about the current  Mumbai  Pollution